Long distance is killing us

17 year old Skye meets Harry Styles while at a coffee shop. They fall in love and start texting and doing midnight phone calls. Finally they go on there first date. But what happens when harry has to leave for his tour?


1. Meeting him.

Skye's POV

"SKYE GET UP AND GET DRESSED!" my mom yelled. "Im going!" I said as i quickly got up and put my hair in a bun. I washed my face and brushed my teeth,then i put on some light makeup. i got my iphone and plugged it in to hear some music. "Some vampire weekend should do it!" i said. I quickly put on my skinny jeans,a baby blue v-neck,and my vans. i pulled off my pun and threw on a beanie. "Mom im going to the coffee shop ill be back,and i wont forget breakfast." i told my mom as i grabbed my keys and headed out the door. i got in my car and One direction was on. "Hey i like this song!!!"i screamed. When i got to the coffee shop there was only about 5 people there. "2 vanilla mochas please."i said to the barista. When i got my coffee i was about to leave when someone grabs my arm. I turn around to see a handsome tall boy.It was Harry styles. "Hi, im sorry if i scared you a little bit, but can you please help me with something?"he said in his sexy morning voice. "Umm..... sure!" i said dying inside. "Can you help me find this direction?" he said giving me a big smile. "Actually, thats right near my house. Ill take you." i said. I lived in a pretty rich neighborhood,i wouldnt be suprised if one of his friends live there. "Thanks babe!"he said to me as he got up and gave me a wink. As we were walking towards the car,i felt him staring at me. I looked through the corner of my eye and I saw him looking at my ass. "Is there something on my ass or what?" I said. "Nah, its just stunning to look at."he said with a smirk. i rolled my eyes and got in the car. When we got there he wouldnt get out of the car as if he was waiting for me to say something. "You can get off now."i said a little annoyed."Can i have your number?"he said seriously. "For what?!" i said. "Just in case i need help with anything else. "Uhh...okay.Here it is."i said. "Bye babe"he said and then gave me a small kiss on the cheek. "Bye." is said shocked because he called me babe and gave me a kiss on the cheek. When i got home there was nothing else to do but watch tv. My mom and dad were about to leave for work. I wanted to invite my bff charlotte but i dont know if i should because i was to shocked about what had just happened.       

                                            2 hours later

"bzzzzzz"my phone vibrated. I woke up from a nap i took to see a text on my phone:

 from:uknown number

        hey babe,dinner tonight? xoxoxoxo


 I knew it was harry and replied,

to:uknown number

 sure. what time? 


I was even more shocked that harry styles was asking me out to dinner. I was so into him,i just wanted him to kiss me and grab me. I couldnt wait for tonight.


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