A Magical Love

Camille and four of her other bestfriends are the most powerful fairies in the magical dimension.Then one day they were just going to another One Direction Concert.But will happen when the One Direction boys starts to fall head over heels for them???Will they feel the same way???Or will the girls reject them???Will the girls ever tell the boys the ENTIRE truth???


2. Meeting The Boys

Camille`s POV I got the girls and me backstage passes to go to a One Direction Concert Later on today. i`m wearing dark blue ripped skinny jeans with a t-shirt that says " I <3 HARRY STYLES" in black letters and black and blue flats. Me and the girls decided to wear the same colors but with different styles added to them. So Lily is wearing and black and blue stripped dress that stops at her thighs. Melody has on a blue and black varsity jacket with a black t-shirt ,and black pencil skirt. Danise has jean shorts with a black v-neck shirt, a jean vest ,and some blue and black nikes. And Aisha some black capris with a blue t-shirt and blue glitter flats. " Everyone Ready!!!" i excitedly say.Everyone nods."LEGGO!!"waving my hand towards the door letting the girls know that we are leaving.I quickly grab the keys from the small table on the right of the door before i walk out the door telling Danise to lock the door behind her as she was the last one to walk out the door. ~~~~~~~SKIPPING THE BORING CAR RIDE~~~~~~~ As we all get out of the car i grab the five V.I,P, passes out of the glove compartment and hand them out to the girls.We ended up going to the concert a few mins. early so we wandered around backstage until i went to the bathroom alone.As i was about to start running to catch up with the girls i manage to bump into someone, WAY TO GO ,CAMILLE!! " OMG ,I`m so sorry i`m` a cluts i should`ve -" i stopped as his green orbs looked at me smiling. It was none other than the HARRY STYLES!!! OMFG!! "its ok ,love" he said with content in his eyes. "What`s your name ,love ?" he asked . "M-Mimi" i managed to say trying not to fangirl right now. Harry looked down at my pass then at my shirt. "I love your shirt."he said giggling a little. " c`mon" he said. I looked at him like a confused puppy. I guess he understood my look and said "Backstage,love" "Oh" was all i managed to say from the embarassment on my face. As we walked backstage i seen the girls and the rest of the One Direction boys talking to the girls. As Harry and I reached them i yelled " hey girls" As they waved at me they saw Harry behind me and gasped. " Harry these are my friends." "This is Aisha,Lily,Melody,and Danise" they all chimed in "hi" in unison. "So, are you guys our only V.I.P.s?" Louis asked. We all nodded at the same time and for some reason the boys seemed to get happier. I got a phone call from Ms. Farigonda our Professor At Alfea University. She told me to tell the girls that she needed us rite away and that something is happening at Alfea...... UH-OH!!! Probably the Trix Again!!! "Girls we have to and i mean right NOW!!!" Harry`s POV Mimi is beautiful i want to get to know her more hopefully she will let me. Her Eyes are just the most amazing shade of hazel. She hasn`t said a word to me except her name. All of a sudden she gets mysterious phone call and now they all have to go to some emergency......WIERD!!! I really hoped nothing that bad had happened..... "What`s Wrong??"I asked. " i`m so sorry but we really need to go but i promise that we will be back before the concert ends."she tells me not wanting me to worry. Camille`S POV We rush out of the building and into the car driving so fast trying to get back to our flat. as soon as we all get in the house we all transform into beautiful fairies. I opened the portal to Alfea......." Ready Girls" they all nod at me and we all fly into the portal Finding not the Trix But Something Much More Worse..........
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