Surfs Up!

Cody, Lizett, Tanner, Alexander, Victoria, and Kylie are best friends, all 16 year-old teenagers. They've lived in the same neighborhood since they were 6 and they all have the same devotion: Surfing. High School's out, so they decide to go on a surfing date. They swim out into open water then the unthinkable happens...they realize that Lizett and Tanner are missing. They know this wasn't a shark attack, they all have Shark P.O.D's (Protective Oceanic Device) under their boards, and if it was, their boards should be floating around...but they're gone too.
So if Tanner and Lizett weren't devoured alive...then what happened?


1. School's Out...Summer's In!

Lizett's P.O.V

          **SCHOOL BELL RINGS**

"WHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Multiple Teens*


"FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! WWHHOOHHOO!!!!!!!!!!"

"TANNER!!!" I screamed over all the teenagers busting through the hall heading for the exit papers, bent binders and folders were tossed everywhere, littering the hallway floors.

"HEY!! Where's Alex and Vicky?!" He yelled back.

"HEY GUYS!!!" Cody and Kylie yelled from behind us, waving.

"HEY!! WHERE'S VICKY AND ALEX?" Tanner yelled-asked.


"IDK, C'MON LET'S GO OUTSIDE AND SEE IF WE FIND THEM!!!" I yelled over the huge crowd of students, desperate to get out of the school building.


We ran and pushed through all the Sophomores and Freshmen, we heard huge thudding in the upstairs floor...the seniors are coming down! *We're Juniors*

"Hurry!" I laughed, Tanner was holding my hand, Cody was hanging on to my shirt and Kylie was grabbing on to my backpack strap. We ran out into the front lawn, with our arms spread out and Tanner fell to his knees.

"SUNSHINE KISS MY LIPS!!!, I, I MEAN FACE!!!!!!" I yelled towards the clear, cloudless sky.

"YEAH!!!! NO MORE STIFF-ASSED..." Kylie stopped as she saw Mrs. Taylor-Wing walk by.

"Ahem...have a good break Ladies..." she said adding emphasis on the word "Ladies" and widening her eyes at Kylie.

"Oh, Hi Mrs. T, um yeah you too." She said nervously, smiling ever so guilty.

We laughed,  Cody cracked up on my shoulder and I just muffled my laugh as best I could, Tanner was barely getting back on his feet, but then fell back down bursting with laughter. Mrs. Taylor-Wing gave us a stern look and said:

"Yes, well...good day Gentlemen." and walked away with a clean face.

"Smooth...just smooth." Tanner said standing up.

"Shut up!" Kylie pushed him over. He laughed, we all did.

"Hey you guys! You're laughing...what'd we miss? We turned to se who was talking.

"Vicky! Alex!" We all yelled in unison (at the same time).

"Oh, nothing...Kylie almost got into summer-detentioned by Mrs. T." Cody answered their earlier question.

"But what happened? What'd she say?" Victoria asked.

"Let's just say they got into a radical situation..." I laughed. (Radical means hard or difficult in valley speak...valley speak is surf talk)

"She was gonna say no more "Stiff-assed high school professors" ,but she almost got herself pig snared." I said.

"Ha! gnarly..." Alex said. (Gnarly means awesome in valley talk)

"Ok well...schools out and..." Tanner said awkwardly.

"SUMMER'S ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" We all yelled and group-hugged.

"Whoa!, wait...where's Mason?" I asked.

"Yeah, where is Mason?" Alexander also questioned.

"Let's go find him... I doubt he's still in the school building though." Tanner tagged in.

"Why do you say that?" Kylie asked.

"Y'know he's right" We heard a familiar voice.

It was Jasper Jenkins, or JJ we liked to call him, he's been a good friend of ours, but he chooses not to hang out with us.

"Hey dude, where is he?" I asked, hugging him. He had a crush on me since the 1st grade, went out with Vicky for about 9 weeks. Broke up because of a milkshake and cheeseburger bill, could you believe it? Sheesh!

"He was in a hurry, and I think he said he was headed for a diner..." he said starring at Tanner.

"The one by Pacific Coast Blvd.? or the fancy modern techno one they opened up on Hoag Ave.?" I asked.

"Uh, the techno one..." he said surprisingly and confused.

We all gasped, we couldn't believe it...was Mason ditching our classic 60's hang out diner for a 2015 modern piece of *B*acon *S*trips?! Tanner's phone rang, we hated a lot of modern stuff, but not to the extremes, for example we all had smartphones and internet access so...


"It's Mason, meet me at the diner...OUR diner."


"What the hell was that?" Alex asked.

"IDK what it was, but we're about to find out..." I answered sternly.

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