Your guardian angel

15 year old Arriana Skyes life stars changing rapidly. A lovely stranger appears in her life. Arianna falls for a guy that is not from her world. Strange things starts happening that makes her question who this guy really is. What is he hiding that sends chills down Arianna's spine?


13. "Watch your damn back"

The last few weeks had been a blast hanging out with Darren. School already started, seeing Darren around all the time just makes me smile. Just being around him makes me feel something I hadn't felt before. Darren makes me feel many different emotions at the same time. He's not like every guy I met, no he's way different.

It just kills me to know we can't talk much in school. We both made a promise not to talk, just for us to not have conflict with anyone. Since it brought drama between Scott, Darren and I. Darren doesn't want anything bad to happen between us.

The only problem with that is that once in a while, people from the party pick on Darren or just torture him. I can't stand seeing all that. The way they shove him by the locker or look at him with disgust.  It was the same way I was treated in middle school.

"Hey new kid!  Just the guy I been looking for." Scott said walking towards Darren.  Taking a hard punch in Darren's stomach. "Ugh" granted Darren. "I didn't had the chance to welcome you the other day" Scott said. "That's enough Scott! What the hell is your problem?" I yelled at him. "I told you, that night before you're going to regret this. Both of you." he said walking away from us. "Watch your damn back."

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