Your guardian angel

15 year old Arriana Skyes life stars changing rapidly. A lovely stranger appears in her life. Arianna falls for a guy that is not from her world. Strange things starts happening that makes her question who this guy really is. What is he hiding that sends chills down Arianna's spine?


10. Wait for me bitch

"BeepBeep. BeepStacey was already outside my house. I grab my black leather jacket, purse, and house keys.

"Hope today goes okay" I said to myself.

"Hey bae. Where do you want to head to?" Stacey ask. "Let's head to the mall" I asked. "You got it."

I couldn't get Darren out of my head. Something about him caught my attention. I'm not referring to the scars but his way of being. He's not like all the guys. I just need to distract myself for a bit.

"Alright we're here. I wanna head to Foot Locker first, if that's okay with you Arianna." "Of course it is Stacey. You're the one who drove here. I want to head to Hot Topic and get the new Alternative Press magazine."

"Oh you with you're people. I can't believe you're into that." Stacey mocked. "You know me Stace, that was the old me. The old rock and roll shit. I'm still into that, only not as much" I explained to her.

"Shut up and let's go. Those purple diamond sandals wont buy itself" Stacey said running toward the mall.

"Wait for me b*tch" I yelled at her. Running along her.

I hope I don't run into Darren today...

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