Your guardian angel

15 year old Arriana Skyes life stars changing rapidly. A lovely stranger appears in her life. Arianna falls for a guy that is not from her world. Strange things starts happening that makes her question who this guy really is. What is he hiding that sends chills down Arianna's spine?


5. "This is all my fault"

I couldn't believe what had happened last night. Scott beating up the new kid was insane! "Poor guy" I said to myself. "This is all my fault! If I had the guts to stop the fight this wouldn't happen. Your'e badly injured cause of me. I won't ever forgive myself for letting this happen to you. I'm sorry. This is all my fault." I said

The poor new kid had some bruises all over him, a black eye, a ripped lip that might leave a scar behind, and probably some broken bones. All I could think of was cleaning him up. Leaving me with anxiety of not knowing if he'll wake up soon.

Once I started cleaning him up, I found something that truly caught my eyes. Scars... The new kid had some old scars and some new ones in his wrists and some in his arms. I wish I knew the reason why. He didn't deserve to suffer. Actually no one should.

Man I just wish I knew the eye color the new kid had. It was killing me with curiosity. The new guy's hair was very unusual in a good way. It was straight full black color. His hair was swept to one side. Falls perfectly without being fixed. His clothing style was very unique with dark colors that made him look fully mysterious...

His face structure was pretty sexy once it was clean. He had a pretty clean smooth face and snake bite piercings that made him look appealing. "If only I knew your eye color.." I said, blacking out of tiredness.

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