Your guardian angel

15 year old Arriana Skyes life stars changing rapidly. A lovely stranger appears in her life. Arianna falls for a guy that is not from her world. Strange things starts happening that makes her question who this guy really is. What is he hiding that sends chills down Arianna's spine?


9. "Quick log into your Facebook"

"Well that answered my question." I told myself. Darren left early for some reason.

A minute later my phone rang again. It was a text from Stacey. It said: "Quick log into your Facebook. Someone uploaded the video of the new kid getting his ass beat up."

"Oh no." I immediately grabbed my Dell laptop. Everything that happened last night was all over Facebook. The way Darren got picked on and how Scott and his crew got the best of him was all over facebook. 

"This is intense. FUCK YOU SCOTT. I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU!" I said to myself with rage.

"None of this wouldn't had happened if I stood up for Darren. Why was I such and an idiot letting it happen?" I told myself.

I grabbed my phone and called Stacey. "Stacey come by and pick me up. We need to hang" I said. "Sure thing bae. Text your parents first just in case they call home."  "Don't you worry about a thing. Got it all that cover."

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