Your guardian angel

15 year old Arriana Skyes life stars changing rapidly. A lovely stranger appears in her life. Arianna falls for a guy that is not from her world. Strange things starts happening that makes her question who this guy really is. What is he hiding that sends chills down Arianna's spine?


3. "Let him go!"

"ARIANNAARIANNAARIANNA!!" What the hell is wrong with you? Why didn't you respond back?" my best friend Stacey asked. "Huh what do you mean?" I asked. "You spaced out or something. I kept saying your name but you didn't flinch or answered me. It seemed like you were paralyzed or something." Stacey explained.

"That was you saying my name?" I asked "YES! Now let's follow Scott and his crew. They're after the new kid. Boy I know this is going to be fun to watch." she said, pulling me outside.

I swear the voice I heard earlier sounded like a guy. Nothing like Stacey's voice. That strange voice, I never heard before was bizarre. The way it was saying my name over and over again was warm and welcoming to my ears.

On our way following Scott, we were late. Scott and his crew already had him besieged. "Where do you think you are going?" Scott asked. "We're not done with you." Matt said, shoving the new kid against the brick wall. A little whimper escaped from the new kids mouth. Other people decided to join in. They were pushing and shoving him.

"The fun is not over yet. CORRECTION. The fun is barely starting." Scott said, taking the first punch. I heard groans coming out from the new kid. I couldn't dare to watch this no more. Scott was swinging punches, shoving the new kid to the wall. Many people were abusing him. There was nowhere to run to.

"Why am I just standing here? Just watching. Why am I not helping him out? No one should be treated like this." It was stupid of me to watch, until... The new kid was knocked down, on the concrete floor.

That was the last draw. He looked so beat up, not being able to get up by himself. "What's the matter new kid? Can't get up? STAND UP AN FIGHT YOU LITTLE PIECE OF FILTHY SHIT! FIGHT. COME ON!" “Okay! That’s it! STOP! LET HIM GO!” I yelled. 
By the moment I was standing up for the new kid, I hadn't realize that I had tears in my eyes. “What!? Are you hearing yourself Arianna? Look at him, he’s an outcast.” Scott said in disbelief. “Let him go Scott! He had enough.” I said “You will regret it Arianna.” he said pushing me to the brick wall. "Come on guys, let's go"he said as he was leaving with his crew.


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