Just You and I

You are an average girl with an average life. You have a mom, a sister. You go to school. Oh and one more thing, you're madly in love with your best friend. Will you ever have the courage to ask him out? Does he like you back? Will you be together forever? And what happens when a certain someone ruins everything? Will love find a cure? ... Read to find out ;)


6. Random Chapter

A/N: Hey guys, I was bored and so I wrote this chapter randomly about nothing in particular. I don't even know why I'm posting it but I was sort of just thinking you could give me your opinion on my writing if I do it more often like this with more details and better vocabulary and such. Please give me your best critizism. Ill except negative and positive comments. Thank you guys! Ill update soooonnnn <3 :) -Ismeldaa

Sample Writing:

The nausea at my stomach churned as alive as ever as I became the center of attention. With the palms of my hands sweaty and my eyes full of discomfort, I searched for an easy way out like I always do. I needed to leave. As the conversation molded itself, the attention on me grew weak. As relief washed over my entire body, I found myself excluded and without hesitation i mischievously left the room with a smile plastered on my face as if it belonged there. It didn't. More than a million things were on my mind as I ran home. It was like my body was aching for a decent excuse to get out of this situation but the only solution was to run home. That's me. The one who escapes. The one who doesn't enter the deep. The one who runs away. If you asked me why, I would reply an utterly simple, I don't know. My body was exhausted by the time I made it to my front door. Running into the house and up the stairs, I entered my room with a sigh of relief and exerting out all my emotions. What have I gotten myself into? Was I losing my mind? I laid myself on my bed and thought about the past few days. With that kiss fresh on my mind, I drifted of into a much needed slumber that seemed never ending. What about tomorrow?

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