Just You and I

You are an average girl with an average life. You have a mom, a sister. You go to school. Oh and one more thing, you're madly in love with your best friend. Will you ever have the courage to ask him out? Does he like you back? Will you be together forever? And what happens when a certain someone ruins everything? Will love find a cure? ... Read to find out ;)


4. Chapter 4

I entered first period English with Mr. Portman. 

"Settle down guys" Mr. P said after entering the classroom with a briefcase. Ooh your so "professional".

"Okay, so today, we will be pairing up to revise Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet from vignette 87 to 93."

The class whined as Mr. P handed out the worksheet with Shakespeare's work.

"And the partner list for this semester is listed on the bulletin board to the right of the classroom" he said.

Everyone leaped at the board, wanting to see who they got paired with for the remaining three weeks of the marking period. As the crowd grew smaller due to students going back to there seats after seeing the list, my turn soon came to see who my partner is.

After the Barbie of a girl in front if me looked at the chart and slumped her shoulders, my eyes darted at the list to find my name.

A part of the list:

•Emily Suarez and Ronald Murray

•David Torres and Kathy Rojas

•Angelica Rodriguez and Barbara Cruz

•Y/N and Harry Styles.

Well this is going to be fun.


A/N: Heyy everyone! Hope you like this chapter! If u do, like and fav!! I send love! <3 :) -Ismeldaa

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