Just You and I

You are an average girl with an average life. You have a mom, a sister. You go to school. Oh and one more thing, you're madly in love with your best friend. Will you ever have the courage to ask him out? Does he like you back? Will you be together forever? And what happens when a certain someone ruins everything? Will love find a cure? ... Read to find out ;)


3. Chapter 3

My brain couldn't process what just happened. My body still taking in the last 2 minutes. What. The. Fuck. I kissed Harry. I kissed my best friend. I kissed the guy that I have had a crush on for the past 5 years. I. Kissed. Harry. 

After taking my body out of shock mode, I forced myself to my room. Seeing Harry tomorrow will be really interesting. I entered my room and threw my body on my bed, sending me back into my thoughts about what Harry just did and what this labels us. Are we gonna start dating? Is he gonna talk to me tomorrow? Why the fuck did I snort so loud?

My head felt tired of thinking so much after a while and eventually I fell asleep. Dreading tomorrow.


I woke up to the sound of my cell phone alarm singing "Heartbreaker" by Justin Bieber. I forced by body awake and entered the bathroom, after groggily brushing my teeth and taking a shower, then getting dressed and doing my makeup, I was almost ready for the day. I curled my hair and grabbed my bag and left the house after yelling, "Mom I'm leaving".

I reached Falton High school 20 minutes later. I made my way to my locker and spotted the boy who had kissed me, less than 24 hours ago. He walked right passed me and stopped to talk to Jackson. What the hell? Harry always came to my locker before first period. Weird. 

I made my way through the crowd of high schoolers and looked at Harry. Because I'm that lucky, Harry happened to look in my direction. Our eyes met. It felt like the world slowed down and there was an unbreakable connection between us. Harry broke our eye contact and left to first period English. My life is over.

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