Just You and I

You are an average girl with an average life. You have a mom, a sister. You go to school. Oh and one more thing, you're madly in love with your best friend. Will you ever have the courage to ask him out? Does he like you back? Will you be together forever? And what happens when a certain someone ruins everything? Will love find a cure? ... Read to find out ;)


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

After finally pulling into the driveway, we both entered through the door.

"Where you been?!"

"Uhm, school?.." I said.

"No, school was over half an hour ago, what took you so long!?" She spoke red-faced.

"I just rode around with Harry for a while" I said implying the gorgeous guy standing next to me.

"You better come home right away tomorrow do you hear me!?"

"Sorry, I'll be on time tomorrow. I promise!" I said while hurrying up the stairs, Harry right behind me.

At the top if the steps, he whispered in my ear, "well someone needed a diaper change"

I laughed so hard I ended up snorting and you could hear the echo throughout the whole house. I gasped at my sudden noise.

Harry burst out laughing as my cheeks grew red. I was so embarrassed at this point that I just starred at the floor. I felt something on my chin. I looked up and saw Harry with a sympathetic face. 

"Sorry I laughed" he said feeling guilty.

"It's okay" I said looking away.

"You know," he said turning my face back to his attention. Our lips inches apart, "I thought that was kinda cute.." He said starring directly into my eyes with a glint of hope.

With no hesitation, he crashed our lips together and I felt myself melt into this sudden gesture. Our lips moved together very gently as my heart exploded into a million fireworks. My whole body felt ecstatic and my emotions became overwhelming. Pulling away, Harry looked to the floor.

"I'm sorry" where the only words that escaped his lips as he ran down the stairs and left my house though the front door..

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