Just You and I

You are an average girl with an average life. You have a mom, a sister. You go to school. Oh and one more thing, you're madly in love with your best friend. Will you ever have the courage to ask him out? Does he like you back? Will you be together forever? And what happens when a certain someone ruins everything? Will love find a cure? ... Read to find out ;)


7. A/N

Alright so I am aware that's it's been like about a month since I last updated, more or less. BUT, I have a really good excuse! You ready for this? ... I'll take that as a yes. Ok so I've studying for my AP physics class and I finally brought my grade up to a decent B+ ! Yayy! So in honor of my grade, I'll post some new chapters very soon! Double Yayy !!! :) bye for now, my cupcakes ;) -Ismeldaa

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