Kathleen Turner and Luke brooks have always hated each other since they Met each other. One day Kathleen came home and overheard some shocking news that will change BOTH of their lives forever.

Follow Kathleen and Luke's adventure as they try to get through this situation. I mean they can't hate each other forever, right?


1. Introduction

Hi, my name is Kathleen Turner and I am 23 years old and I'm turning 24 in July. I have long dark brown hair and brown eyes. There's not much to say about me. I'm your average 23 year old. I go to university, I work part-time and I live with my parents (I know, it's sad). Life was a like a slice of shortcake. It was sweet and I wanted more. I wanted more out of life and I wanted to experience the other side-the daring side...

BUT once I came back from a tiring day at uni, I was in a gigantic surprise. This was not what I expected from life. 



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