We're Gonna Rock!

Three girls, completely different, are gonna do something out of the ordinary. Form a band.
But something bad is coming... very bad...


1. The Move

   "What do you mean we're moving again?" Skyler said, throwing her arms up in frustration.

   "I mean we're moving to Latham. Now stop complaining and start packing."

   "No." Skyler said, sitting straight on her only suitcase.

   "No?" Her dad said.

   "No." She strictly replied. "I'm staying here."

   "No, Skyler, you are not."

   "I don't want to leave again. I am perfectly happy here."

   "Honey, we do love you. We do care about your happiness. But-"

   "But nothing! I want to stay here." Skyler said, sticking her nose up.

   "Skyler, this isn't a matter of want, this is a matter of need. Now start packing."

   She made an annoyed 'tch,' and started packing.

   How many times was this going to repeat?

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