We're Gonna Rock!

Three girls, completely different, are gonna do something out of the ordinary. Form a band.
But something bad is coming... very bad...


2. I Can't Believe This...

   Hello, my name's Alexis, but call me Lexi.

   I go to a school called Dansille Academy, a school where there's no music or art program. I think this is pretty unfair, those athletes get everything!

   So, I'm going to talk to you about the day this all changed...


   I was just heading to geography, you know, the usual.

   Then I bumped into this girl in the hallway.

   "Watch where you're going, blondie."

   Ugh. Jasmine.

   "Well, hello to you too." I said, picking up my books.

   And I felt the coldness of water on my head.

   "Oops, sorry Alexis."

   My entire body, soaked. My pink dress and black tights started hugging me.

   I glared heavely at the she-devil, and Jasmine just smirked.

   "See ya."

   And she walked away, her pointed tail flowing behind her.

   I tried to get as much water off me as possible.

   And the bell rang.

   "Ugh. Just my luck." I muttered.

   I stood up on my sqishy heels, then started power walking to class.

   "Hey, need some help?" a girl said.

   I looked up to see a girl with long brown hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a red shirt that had a Nike logo on it and dark blue skinny jeans.

   "Here's some extra clothes. I'll go tell the geography teacher you're going to be late." She said, handing me some extra clothes.

   I smiled gratefully at her, and accepted the clothes.

   "Thank you." I said. "My name's Lexi. What's your's?"

   "Skyler. See you in class."

   She walked off towards the classroom, and I walked to the nearest bathroom to change.

   And then something hit me.

   The clothes fit me perfectly. Skyler knew what class I was going to.

   How did she know?

   I don't believe this. I thought.

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