I must choose

A poem about a girl who has to decide who to love...


1. I must choose

I must choose-
Today I must choose,
Who I like most.
Will it be the one who puts a smile on my face?
Who makes me laugh and giggle at the silly comments he makes?
Or is it the one who's quiet and shy?
Who watches my moves to find out my mood.
I cannot decide but they're waiting for me
I feel as though I'm caught in the past
I relive the happy moments of life
When he was there to help me have fun
He now shows interest for someone else
But I'm still there waiting for the past to come
The other knows me from watching my eyes
He can break my walls and see what's inside
When I try say hi my lips don't move right
Cause he'll walk away with someone new
And leave me hanging on a thread 
With only a smile there instead
Today is the day I must choose who I like
My friends can't persuade me
They just won't choose right
No, today is the day to choose who I need,
The one who will stay and be who I see,
I need the one who will always be there,
Who will stay by my side even if there's a dare,
I need the one who will care.


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