''Harry leave me alone!''i yelled.
''Destiny, please i can explain!''Harry yelled running after me.
''Leave me alone!''i yelled back.
''FINE!''He yelled giving up on me
Why the fuck did i fall in love with him in the first place?!


1. 1.

Destiny Chapter One Destiny P.O.V ''Harry im not ready.'' I said looking deep into Harry's eyes. ''Sure you are,love.''Harry said with his deep voice. ''Maybe another time Harry im just not sure its the right time to lose my virginity.'' i said getting out of bed. ''Okay love.''Harry said starring at me. ''Stop starring Styles.'' I demanded. ''How can i stop staring!?''He said. I then felt strong arms around me. ''Your beautiful, never forget that.'' He whispered which made goose bumps appear. He than kissed my neck. ''Harry, i think im ready.'' I said. ''Not today Destiny.''He said. ''Not today.''he repeated. ''Okay.''i said. I never wanted to get out of his arms. EVER. **Last Night** ''Avery spill the drama!''I yelled threw the phone. ''Well Jason the captain from the basketball team, you know him right?''Avery said threw the phone. ''Yes Avery we know who Jason is!''Sophia said. ''Dont be rude Sophia!''I said. ''Sorry..''Sophia said. ''So yeah Jason was all over Brittany today at lunch.''Avery said. ''Ew. Jason has to stop being all over girls.'' Sophia said ''I know right! Last week he was all over Alexa! now Brittany!''I yelled. ''Okay and you know Samantha right?'' Avery said. ''The school nerd?''i asked. ''Nah. The schools plumber! Of course its Samantha the school nerd!''Sophia said. ''Sorry.''i said. ''Well she lost her virginity yesterday with Andrew.''Avery said. ''No way!'' Sophia yelled . ''That gurl lost her virginity before we did!'' Sophia continued. ''SOPHIA!!''I yelled threw the phone. ''Omg!!''Yelled Avery. ''Spill the beans Avery,Spill the beans!!!''I yelled. ''One Direction is in town!''Yelled Avery. ''AHHH!!''We all yelled. ''Omg i have to go,dinner is ready!''Sophia yelled as she hung up. ''Did this girl just hang up on us?!''i yelled. ''You know Sophia and her food.'' Avery said. ''Yea.''i said while laughing. ''Well bye.''Avery said. ''Bye.''i said as she hang up. Like that i fell asleep. {N/A: Sooo how was the first chapter? Sucky,i know.}
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