I'll take you away, I'll keep you hidden. I'll protect you, I'll love you. Now that we're here we can do what we want. We can be who we want to be. This is our life, this is our beginning and our ending, this is our happily ever after. (The last of the 'tomorrowland' trilogy)


1. prologue

"I like it here," I said to him honestly. "I just wish some of them were here. I miss home in a way. Liam, can't we--?"

"No," he said quickly and then he exhaled loudly. "I'll make it better, okay?" He came forward and placed his hands on my shoulders. "I promise to bring home to you." 

I nodded, my short sleeve shirt falling off my shoulder, exposing my collarbone. 

"You're so pretty," he said. "So…so…so," and with every 'so' he got closer, leaning into me. "Pretty." He finally said his last word and with that very last word his lips fell onto my collarbone. 

Within seconds he created his mark of deep purple, my arms tightly around his neck as I enjoyed the pleasure of being only his. 

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