I'll take you away, I'll keep you hidden. I'll protect you, I'll love you. Now that we're here we can do what we want. We can be who we want to be. This is our life, this is our beginning and our ending, this is our happily ever after. (The last of the 'tomorrowland' trilogy)


14. love me till the morning

"Love me," I whispered against his lips. My bedroom door had been closed and he pressed me against it. His arms extended on either side of me, keeping me there. "Never stop." 

I let our noses touch in an eskimo kiss. Our breathing is ragged. A lustful black fills his eyes and I look up into them. 

I let my fingers grip the bottom of his shirt and slowly start to pull to expose his skin. He obliges by removing the shirt from his body. His arms going back to their positions, keeping me enclosed. 

There was nothing being said. Nothing could be heard. I've been gone for too long and I finally realized the need I have for him. I wanted to feel more of him, I needed to feel more of him. I needed that feeling of skin on skin. 

I brought my fingers to the button of his jeans until I heard the pop of release. I pulled the zipper downwards and then expanded my palms over his hips. I pushed my hands down making the denim move downwards as well. 

A groan escaped his lips as the fabric piled around his feet. I wanted to be the move-maker and I wanted to be the first. 

I slid down the door and landed on my knees. I wrapped my hand around his base and looked up at him. Another groan escaped past his lips as I kissed his tip. His muscles tightened as I lowered my mouth onto him. I used my tongue and my hand to give him the friction and tension he craved. 

I looked up at him and he groans again with a loud, "Fuck." 

I used his words as encouragement. I continued to go faster and soon I felt his hand tighten around parts of my hair. He gripped hard and I enjoyed the pulling he placed on me. 

"Fuck, Bo," he said letting his head fall back. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." It was like that word was the only word he knew. 

I bobbed my head a little faster and with a gasp he pulled me back. He pulled me up onto my feet quickly. 

"Now, now," he muttered over his heavy breathing. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Besides I rather fill you down here," he places his hand over the center of me, in between my thighs. "Instead of that pretty mouth." 

"Liam," I let my thoughts get ahead of me. He couldn't be serious, without a--. 

"Shh," he breathed. 

So I did what he told me and let him pick me up off the floor and take me to the bed. He pulls the mosquito netting down, covering us in a cloud of pleasure. 

It was just us. It felt so new, though. It felt like the first time all over again and I suddenly grew shy. 

I cross my legs and bite down onto my bottom lip, subconsciously covering my breasts with my arm. 

"Stop," he tells me as he brings his lips closer to my ear. "It's just me. I've seen anything, there's no point to cover up now." 

"Liam," I breathe into the air as he keeps his position by my ear. He slowly places small kisses onto my neck and I give up my insecurities to him. "It's feels so...new. Like it's the first time." 

He stops his kisses and looks down at me. "Nothing has changed," he reminds me. He wants to forget the past and now I'm the one bringing memories back to Earth.

Great, Boston, why don't I just bail Jessica out of prison and give her back her gun to finish me off while I'm at it. 

Okay, I'm being ridiculous. I'm letting my emotions get the best of me and I need to stop. 

"Bo," he says calling me out of my thoughts. "We don't have too--."

Ugh, I swear I'm terrible as a human being. 

"No," I say gripping his biceps. "No, I want too....Ugh, I'm not making this any better am I?"

A smile appears on his lips and I instantly take the wrong impression. I cover my face in embarrassment. "You're laughing at me." 

"No," he removes my hands. "Stop taking me so seriously. Are we really going back to that first time in Tomorrowland?"

"No," I say all too quickly.

"I really want to know what you were thinking about that entire week," he blurts.

"I really don't remember," I lie. 

He brings his lips back to my ear and like he was reading my thoughts he whispers, "Don't lie to me. I was thinking about us that entire week."

"What," I can't breathe suddenly. 

"I know you want more, more that only I can give you."

He can't be serious. 

"Only if you let me," he continues placing a single kiss right below my earlobe. He looks up at me then. "So?"

"Are you serious?" I ask him not taking this at a joke at all. 

"With this situation, yes. So tell me Boston would you like me to continue?" 

Watching how his lips form over my name is intoxicating. 

"Yes," I say and before I know what is fully going on I'm naked. He touches me like I'm a delicate object. Letting the pads of his fingers remember every line of my body.

He touches his tongue onto my stomach and moves upward through the tunnel of my breasts and finally encasing his lips over mine. I instinctively let my fingernails run up and down his back as he pushes himself into me. I gasp from no warning and my nails dig deeper into his already South African tan. 

I was sure to create half moons all over his body with the indents of my nails. With the way he moved, with gaining speed I was sure he enjoyed it. He wrapped his arm behind my neck and pulls me off from the bed. I'm sitting in his lap in seconds with him still inside of me. He put his hands on my hips helping me recreate the ups and downs I so needed. 

I obviously wasn't going fast enough and not satisfying because he throws me back onto the bed and starts to pound quickly into me. His face contorts and I realize that it wasn't my fault, but he was slowly coming to his release. 

I nails dig further into his arms and I look up at him. 

"Come inside of me," I breathe to him and he groans louder at my words. I close my eyes briefly as he makes the tension inside me tighter. I was climbing my own climax and if time correctly--. "Fuck," I breathe just at my dirty thoughts.

"Look at me," he says from above. "I want to see your eyes looking at me when I come," his words come out in quick spurts.  

I look up at him, my eyes connecting with his. Damn I was so close. The growing ball inside my stomach was getting tight and I knew it wouldn't be long before it burst. 

"I--," he mutters and in that second I pull him down to me. Our foreheads are touching as I wrapped my legs around his hips. He can't take it any longer and his eyes squeeze shut as I feel a burst of warmness shoot into me. 

I continue with my own release and let me head fall back farthing into the pillows. His lips collide with my neck as he stays inside of me. 

"I--I wanna make sure," he mutters without me asking. He wants to make sure it will do. I just nod as I glide my fingers through his hair. 

A couple seconds pass by and he gently removes himself from me. He rolls of me and lays onto his back. I turn to my side and place a single kiss right above his nipple before I let my head fall over his chest. It was exhausting but so worth it. 

So needed, and so hopeful. 




{A/N hey guys! I haven't done one of these in awhile, and so therefore I got a lot of messages of people saying I had others write for me. bullshit. I write everything myself and I'm sorry that with the lack of an author's note you automatically think someone else is writing for me. First I'm not shallow enough to not even mention the so called 'writer'. I would gladly congratulate or thank anyone who wrote something. But on here and wattpad I write everything on my own. If you find my work that's not directly posted by me (on here, or wattpad) then tell me immediately. thank you and enjoy!! sorry for my rant! love you to the moon and back, morgan r}

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