I'll take you away, I'll keep you hidden. I'll protect you, I'll love you. Now that we're here we can do what we want. We can be who we want to be. This is our life, this is our beginning and our ending, this is our happily ever after. (The last of the 'tomorrowland' trilogy)


5. lily

That's how they felt when they pulled up in rented cars. Strangers. I haven't seen them all in forever and it finally felt good.


"Boston," started Louis as he came to hug me. "We found out about you mum. We're so sorry."

I bit back tears and just nodded.

"What's this?" Harry questioned lifting my arm and looking at the bandages.

"Nothing," I tried to pull my arm from his grasp but became unsuccessful.

"Boston," Louis warned. "You can't--."

"I know, I know," I confirmed. "I was stressed, and upset. I won't do it again. Promise."

"You're here for a total of five minutes and you get her to promise to stop harming herself. I've been trying to do that for years." It was Liam. He stepped out of the house and onto the grassy floor.

"Maybe she hasn't promised you because you still do it, I see." The last part of Harry's words had to be intentional. "You're basically being a hypocrite telling her stop and you can't even keeps your hands off a blade."

"Don't push it Styles," Liam said through his teeth. "If I can't get you on a plane I'm sure I kick your ass back to England."

"That's enough!" Louis shouted.

"Where's Niall and Zayn?" I questioned.

"Disappeared again. We sent them text messages, emails, everything but we got nothing in return. Maybe they will show up sometime but right now we don't even know where they are."

"It's almost like South Africa all over again," Louis mentioned and suddenly the memories flooded into my head. It wasn't all that long ago and….

"We also have someone else we want you to meet," Harry interrupted my thoughts. "We've kept her from the world for a couple months, but we think it's time."

"Harry? Louis?" Liam was the one to speak. "Her?" 

The brightest smiles were put on my both of them. "Lil?" Louis spoke as they turned back to their car. 

My eyes widened as I saw the small body climb down from the car seat and onto the grassy floor. The small toes were uncovered and her dark hair was messy. She walked, a little unbalanced, but to the best of her ability. When she got closer to Louis and Harry she held her hands up and clasped onto their fingers. 

Harry crouched down to her size, "Lily, this is Boston and Liam. They're your godparents." Harry looked at me after he said that and I bit down on my bottom lip, unable to control my tears. 

I crouched down as well. "Hi Lily."

"Why are you crying?" Her syllables were sort of separated and she thought before every word. 

I quickly wiped the tears running down my cheek with my palm. "I'm happy. I'm happy to meet you." I opened my arms and Lily looked at Harry and Louis. They both nodded and a small smile crept onto her lips, exposing the little whites of teeth. 

She came to me and I enclosed my arms around as her little arms went around my neck. 

"I like you," she said as we pulled away, my hands on her little waist keeping her from falling. "You smell like daises." 

I giggled. "How old are you?"

"Five," she held up her hand exposing five little fingers. "Are we going to have fun here?"

"Very much fun," I confirmed. 

"Daddy?" Her sweet voice sung. Both Harry and Louis looked from Liam to her. 

"Yes, Darling?" Harry answered her.

"My tummy keeps making noises."

"Oh no," Harry exclaimed and my eyes widened with his excitement. "I think, I think you must have an elephant inside you! Making all those noises, we're going to have to quiet it, don't you think?" 

He came close and scooped her up in his arms. She giggled as she screamed 'yes'. "How did I get an elephant inside my tummy?" 

"Hm," Harry thought. "It must be magic!" 

Her face lightened with excitement. "Magic!" 

"Oh yes! Boston," he leaned towards me. "Wanna accompany me to the kitchen?"

I laughed with Lily's giggles. "Sure." 


"What's this!" Lily shouted as she pulled the two pieces of bread apart, exposing the purple jelly and brown peanut butter. 

"It's peanut butter and jelly," Harry told her.

"Ew! It looks gross! I don't want this!" 

Harry looked at her with surrender in his eyes. This had been the third type of sandwich we made her and she finds something about she doesn't like. I was sure he was close to giving up, but I had an idea.

"Lily," I said as I leaned across the counter towards her. "You know that elephant inside you, it likes peanut butter and jelly. And he loves them put together, its like a delicacy."

Her eyes widened as I told her and her voice tried to repeat the word 'delicacy', but she couldn't quite get it. 

"He quiet down if you give him some of that delicious sandwich, how about we try?" 

She looked back down at the sandwich still concerned. Then slowly she put the sandwich back together. 

"Here how about this?" I bring a knife forward and cut the sandwich. "Now it's your size, only someone like you is special enough for a sandwich like this." 

Her eyes sparkled even more. Then she picked up half the sandwich with her small fingers and placed it to her lips. She bit into and it took her a couple seconds before she smiled. 

"It's good! Very sticky, but sweet!" Her English accent became thick over the sticky peanut butter and I smiled. 

"Thanks," said Harry. "I would've never thought--."

"You gave her reason to eat, now just convince her that it's true," I said to him. "At her age, I didn't want to eat half the things my mom made me, but as soon as she came up with a story to eat it, I would. I'm sure I had my far amount of elephants." I laughed. 

"Boston, I'm really sorry, about your mum."

I shook my head. "Don't worry about it. Now tell me when you became enchanted with such a princess."

Lily looked up at me. "Princess?!" 

"Of course! Hasn't your daddy," I looked towards Harry. "Daddies?" He just shrugged. "Hasn't your daddies tell you your a princess?"

"I am?!"

"Well yes! Princess Lily of…of…of," I looked at the words on the jelly container. "Of Gelee! Princess Lily of Gelee." 

Harry chuckled under his breath as I just called his daughter the princess of jelly. 

"Gelee! Sounds beautiful!" 

"Oh it is," I say to her. 

"I need to tell Daddy this!" She shouted as she jumped off the stool and ran out to Louis and Liam who were still talking outside. "Daddy! Daddy!" 

I watched as Louis crouched down and picked her up. "What is it Princess?"

"Ah! So you do know!" 

A stare of confusion landed on me from Louis. I smiled and shrugged. 

"Know? What do I know Lil?" 

She playfully slapped Louis shoulder. "I'm a princess! Boston said I'm the princess of Gelee!" 

"Jel--?" Liam started but I interrupted. 

"Yes, didn't you know. We have royalty here." 

Liam shook his head as he caught onto my little story. 

"So when's it going to happen for you?" It was Harry's voice and I turned towards him.

"Hm, what?" I question. 

"I can see the look on your face when you talk to Lil. You seem to be ready," he smiled. 

I bit down onto my bottom lip. "I think I'm ready," I said, with a quick glance towards Liam. "The question is, is he ready?" 

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