I'll take you away, I'll keep you hidden. I'll protect you, I'll love you. Now that we're here we can do what we want. We can be who we want to be. This is our life, this is our beginning and our ending, this is our happily ever after. (The last of the 'tomorrowland' trilogy)


6. happy

"Bo that's enough," Liam has repeated those same three words for that past half hour.

"Liam please, if you picture a life here than why don't we start a family here?" I was at the point of begging now.

The color has not returned to his face since I brought up the question and possibility.

"Boston," he warned again, but this I knew it was enough. it had been the first time he said my full name. He's heard enough and if I don't want to get this turned into a ugly yelling match...I should probably just shut up.

"Harry said--."

"Don't listen to Harry. He's probably the last one you should be listening too. Bo, this...a baby...is only our decision. I just think right now is not the best time."

Him saying no made feel like the small person I was back in Tomorrowland. 

"It's not just your opinion," I told him. "It takes two."

"Exactly and I say no." He took a breath. "Please don't argue with me. Why can't we just like something like that just happen? We don't have to plan anything, besides I want to marry you first." 

I gulped, a small smile appearing on my lips. "What?"

"Tomorrowland is supposed to be big this year."

"It's always big; wait, what does Tomorrowland have to do with this?"

He placed that infamous smirk on his lips and shrugged. "We might just have to go back." 

He turned away from me and leaned on the counter, looking outside at the yard with the overlook of the mountains with the icy white tops that disappeared into the clouds. People would die for this house, and here I am. 

So why am I so unhappy. 

I thought that too soon and suddenly memories of my mother came flooding back. I would never see her again. 

Louis and Harry were playing with Lily outside. Running around, they were completely different people. Harry and Louis. 

Harry was so rough looking. Still wearing his signature skinny jeans and black tee shirts, and I couldn't believe he still pushed his curls back with his bandana. Louis hasn't changed much, wearing his rock concert tee shirts, and Converse. They both showed off their tattoos and for once they just looked...content. Happy even. 

I thirsted to be happy. I need to be happy. I need to stop the bullshit I've put myself into. 

It's time to grow up. 

It's time for me to be someone I've always wanted to be. 

"Liam," I say to him as he smiles at the ridiculous things Lily is making Louis and Harry do. 


I take a moment and he looks towards me. 

"I wanna be happy," I say and it sounds all too simple coming off my lips. "Like really, honestly, deep down happy." 

He smiled wide and came to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Okay. I can do that." 

I return his smile and at the corner of my eye I saw Harry. His phone in his hand, looking nervously up to Louis. 

Louis asking Harry questions, but ignores as he brings the phone to his ear. Harry's eyes widen as he turns towards the house, looking through the glass and at Liam. 

"Something's going on," I say and Liam turns around and goes to the patio door and pushes it aside. 

"Liam, management found Niall and Zayn."

I see Louis stand up behind them. "Where are they?" 

"Here," Harry seemed confused as he said the word. 

"In Switzerland?" Liam confirmed as Harry nodded. 

I thought about it. Remembering all the things to do in Switzerland. The concerts, the carnivals, the festivals. 

My eyes widened. They would never miss a good music festival.

I gasped as I looked back up at them. "I know where they are." 

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