I'll take you away, I'll keep you hidden. I'll protect you, I'll love you. Now that we're here we can do what we want. We can be who we want to be. This is our life, this is our beginning and our ending, this is our happily ever after. (The last of the 'tomorrowland' trilogy)


11. a cluster of diamonds

I slowly started to open my eyes. My body felt so heavy. I had a pulsing headache and I lifted my hand to my head. 

"Hey." It was Liam. He was sitting beside me on the bed. The dark purple circles under his eyes suggested he hadn't slept for days. "You've been asleep for a couple days."

I opened my eyes a little more. It looked like a dream, this wasn't our room in Switzerland. "Wh--Where are we?" 

"Home," he whispered. "We're home." 

. . . 4 days earlier . . .

"She's been asleep for a full day," Louis said to me.

"I know," I smoothed my hands over my face. We were at the counter island in the middle of the kitchen. Harry was feeding Lily apples dipped in peanut butter. "What do you think I should do, Louis?"

He just looked at me without any type of answer.

"Do what she wants," Harry said as Lily bit into a chunk of apple. "She wants to go home, you take her home."

"He's rights," says Louis. "Take her where she wants and for once stop thinking about yourself." 

"Therefore we should go," Harry smiles and Louis rolls his eyes. 

"We aren't going anywhere." 

"Yes, she'll freak again if you aren't there. Please." 

Louis exhaled. 

"Lil you wanna go to South Africa?" Harry asks Lily in a cute, high-pitched voice. 

"Daddy, stop being silly!" She squealed before Harry began to tickle her. I smiled with her laughter and finally realizing that this is what Bo wanted. 

A family. 

. . . present day . . . 

I stood on the balcony, letting the elephants roam beneath me. I forgot what it felt like to be home. The warm breeze picked up and I tugged my loose sweater closer to my body. I heard laughter and I looked down as I saw Lily pointing at one of the elephants. 

Someone picked her up and over their shoulders. That's when I realized it was...Liam? 

He let her dance her fingers along the elephant's trunk and a small smile appeared on my lips. 

"BoBo! BoBo!" Lily shouted as she pointed up at me. Liam turned and wiggled some of his fingers up at me. 

I turned around and went back inside, letting the door open. 

"What wrong with BoBo?" I heard Lily say. 

"She's sad," Liam answered her and I could hear the sadness in his own voice.

"She's too pretty to be sad," Lily said in her small voice and I started to feel the tears at the corners of my eyes. If only she knew. 

"I know, Lil, she's too pretty to feel a lot of things." 

"Is that why you're gonna marry her?"

"Because she's pretty?" 

"No, because you can fix her."

I let my head fall into my hands. How could such a young girl know all the right things to say?

"We can fix each other," I heard him say.

"You're both broken?!" She said in almost disbelief.

"We're both a hopeless mess." I almost smiled at the irony. 

Is that all we are? A hopeless mess?

I looked down at my fingers, the cluster of diamonds sitting on my ring finger. It was gorgeous, and I liked it, a lot. Liam knew I would like this one, and I believe him when he finally told me the truth about his late night escapades. 

I need to stop acting so stupid. I need to take a step back and breathe. 

I needed to be alone for a little while. 

I stood up from the floor, where I sunk too when I heard Lily talk of me, and went to the chair that looked out onto the grassy field. I sat there and in an almost emotionless state I stared out at the elephants. Completely lost in my own mind. 

. . . Liam . . .

I knocked on the bedroom door and didn't hear a reply. I slowly opened the door and saw Bo sitting on the chair by the balcony. She just looked outside and didn't even notice my presence. 

"Bo, dinner's ready."

No reply, no nodding or shaking her head. Just silence. 

She was lost. 

I decided to stay with her. I let Louis bring some food up and I offered some, but she just completely ignored me. 

She was traumatized with her own thoughts. I sat on the bed and pulled a notebook towards me as she watched out onto the horizon that soon darkened, I started to write words. 

Words that turned into verses. 

When it got late and only a few lines in, I looked up at her. she hasn't changed her position, but she needed sleep. 

I dropped the notebook onto the table and picked her up from the chair and brought her over to the bed. She looked up at me and a single tear fell from her eyes and I wiped her face clear before placing a kiss on her forehead. 

She closed her eyes and within seconds she was asleep. 

I couldn't sleep again that night and when I finally did get some sleep I felt the bed move gently. Bo got up and went back to the chair just in time to watch the sun rising. 

I sat up, "Would you like some tea?" 

No answer. 

I got off the bed and headed downstairs and into the kitchen. I readied to mugs just in case. 

"Not a good night?" I look over to see Harry as he carries Lily in his arms. It also looks like he hadn't got any sleep. 

I shake my head. 

"Me neither. My turn was tonight."

"Your turn? Isn't she old enough to sleep through the night?" 

"She's at the stage where she thinks there's monsters hiding under bed. She won't go to sleep unless one of us hold her." 

And Bo wants that?

"It's worth it though," he continues. "To watch someone you love fall asleep in your arms. Almost so helpless."

"Yea, I know," I muttered. 

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