Just Can't Let Her Go

Feisty and Fearless! That's what you could describe April! Her name sounds pretty sweet but she could beat you to the ground! What happens when she meets the boy who will be her next target? Will they fall in love?


2. Threatened To Cry

 I forgot to do my makeup so I did it during class. I charm my teachers VERY easily. I see 5 boys coming in. One Direction. Every girl starts screaming for those sissies. I am in 12 grade. In one week I'm gonna graduate. I recognized a blonde boy with blue eyes. I was a weakling once. He was the one who made me weak to my stomach. He knows my weakness. The story of how my parents died. He sat by me. There was this one weak girl who screamed, " Sit by me! Not by killer!" I gave her a death glare she immediately started bawling. Mascara running from her eyelashes. Zayn, who is actually my brother, sat by me giving me a kiss on the cheek. Niall whispered, "Orphan." Zayn never knew what Niall did to me. Everybody looked at our sibling love. I'm part Muslim just like Zayn. I have blue eyes. We bothe have a blonde streak but I have dark brown. The one that gets confused with Zayns hair. Zayn told me, " Sit with Niall, yeah? Liam wants me!" I only like my brother. The rest are just like colleagues to me. We never talk. But we still share decent communication. I don't know why I hate them. Zayn is older then me. Niall spit on my knee. Rubbing it in suductivly. He always wanted sex from me to ruin my reputation. But this time I was getting him back. The teacher asked me, " Why is your name Killerr? Wouldn't it be Malik?" I answered with the truth. Yes my parents were drunk but most people call me April Malik. A lot of people call me Killerr. The people who are afraid call me Killerr. " Well I am actually April Malik but my parents were having a party and they got drink so they blurted killer. Right Zayn?" Zayn knows the truth. A blush crept up from both of our faces when I said drunk. "Yes!" Niall again said orphan and then patted my hair but pulled it. My eyes were stinging. Nail Horn is getting it. Yes I am gonna call him Nail Horn!





A/N: I love Niall to death so don't take it seriously!

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