Just Can't Let Her Go

Feisty and Fearless! That's what you could describe April! Her name sounds pretty sweet but she could beat you to the ground! What happens when she meets the boy who will be her next target? Will they fall in love?


3. Sweet and Supple Revenge

 Niall is in EVERY class but Zayn is too. I walk to my next class with Zayn and Niall. Me and Zayn are swinging hands while people are trying to flirt with him. Perrie is now my sister in law so bitches better back off. Zayn is inbetween some girls who made him a big cupcake. He commanded me to sit by Niall. " I know you fancy him." Zayn whispered in my ear. I give him a death glare and he runs to his desk. My brother is scared of me too! 


Niall plumps his fat ass in between my friends. As I get out my carrots and Funyuns, Louis comes and gets a carrot. To tell you the truth, I actually fancy him but Niall is somehow jelly because when I am checking out Louis he blocks my way. For instance, Niall is in my way now. Niall takes my WHOLE bag of Funyuns! I give him my famous death glare but he kicks my legs really hard. I couldn't take it anymore! "Louis, could I borrow your milk?" I ask him. " Sure babe!" I started blushing redder than a tomato. He noticed it and he winked. "Thanks BABE!" I said out loud to make girls jealous but Niall takes my hand gently at first but then drags me to the private bathroom if somebody famous comes. I get slammed against the wall. I told you, he wants sex from me. He bites down on my lip. He sends trails of pain down my neck. I shivered as he looked at my chest. Louis' SEXY milk carton got me handy! I open it as his blonde hair was wet with dairy. I kick him in the stomach and then I pull his hair. To confuse him I kiss him HARD and bit his soft lips with my sharp teeth. Blood was sprouting out as I pushed him against the wall. His lip blood was now smashed against mine as he tried to take off my shorts. I took my hightops and I throw it in his gut. Louis knicked on the door. I pushed Niall in the shower as we hid there until Louis was done using the toilet. I slammed him in the shower but then he turned on the water and left me soaking wet, as my shirt turned see through and he plastered a smirk on his face. I kicked and punched him several times. " Having sex with me is IN YOUR DREAMS pretty boy!" " So you do think I'm sexy!" He said when I sad pretty. He is now on top of me in the shower. " Yes I do!" I admitted, "But your just a selfish bitch who is gonna stay with Zayn and torture me forever!" Zayn and the lads were having 2 weeks of vacation. They are staying at my apartment. I sleep by Zayn and Louis! Woohoo! "I'm gonna get even with you! It's not in my dreams you prick, it's happening!" He screamed in my ear. I splash water over his face and hardly bandaged his cuts. I push him out of the door when he says, " Looks like I'm gonna take a pink laced bra tonight!" I shivered at the thought. I kicked him one more time and he got out. I took out my phone and called Zayn. " Zayn I'm going home so I'm ditching school. Tell the teacher YOU dropped me off okay? Thank you boo!" I ended the call before his beautiful voice was about to say something. While walking to my apartment fans wanted my signatures because I'm Zayns little sis. I see Doniya, Walhiya, and Safaa sitting on my couch. "Hey my sisters!" My own British accent annoyed me. I have the stronger out of my siblings. "Hey! You get revenge from Niall? Did you beat him up?" Safaa asked. I took her in my lap and I said, "Your plan was great! I got my revenge!"

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