Just Can't Let Her Go

Feisty and Fearless! That's what you could describe April! Her name sounds pretty sweet but she could beat you to the ground! What happens when she meets the boy who will be her next target? Will they fall in love?


5. Fast Love

Zayn and Louis were making plans for a club since it was my birthday! I was fake sleeping. Dumb asses! I heard a familiar voice. That voice that makes my ears bleed. Nail Horn. Oops I mean Niall. He says that we should be with public people to give them a surprise! Bitch it's my birthday! Being the hottest singer's sister is pretty hard! "BOO!" I yelled they all fell and Niall ACCIDENTLY tripped over the bed and he went on me. Zayn pushed both of our bodies so now we were rolling of the bed and he hugged me tight. Was he scared? No he can't be! He whispered in my ear,"Sorry!" He looked at me very softly and kissed me on the cheek. What is he doing?! I actually gave him a smile. "OMG YOU GAVE NIALL A REAL SMILE! NO FAIR!" The rest of the boys boomed off. Even Zayn never got my special smile! What was happening tho both of us? I bet he's faking! No, I know when he is! I'm extremely confused. A doorbell went off and Louis was dashing off. Liam helped up. Actually, Liam is a sweet guy. He looked at me confused. "You aren't gonna yell at me?" Oh yeah. They no I 'hate' them. "No! You are now my bro! Just like Zayn! Aren't you guys gonna say happy birthday???" Then Louis burst end in to the room and everybody said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Harry hugged me. "Thanks for the hug HarHar!" Harry, is extremely hot to tell you the truth. Louis came in with a girl. Eleanor. Eleanor Calder. Both of our faces harden. She goes to school with me. We are BFFS! Niall gave me a 'DON'T HURT HER!' look. I ignored him. Louis smashed her lips with his. "Sorry babe! I know you love me but I have a girlfriend!" Eleanor knew I liked him. Eleanor spoke up," Could we still..." "Of course BUMCHUMM! We are like sisters!" I interrupted. "Nice birthday gift you dick!" I yelled to Louis. He knew I liked him but then he enchanted my 'sister'. Man whore. I went outside and I got in my car and drove to the club they were talking about. I reached their and the securities were fan boying. I had some shouts and the Niall came in from of me. He looked angry but whyyyy. I'm having fuuunnnn! "Heyyyyy babe!" I tossled his hair. " WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" We started an argument and everybody was watching but some girls were trying to grab his bum since he was wearing shorts. "WHY do YOU caree?" I giggled in his neck. "BECAUSE I LOVE U!" He boomed off. I was sober by now but I fainted. "I..love..you too..." Those were my last words before I fainted.

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