Just Can't Let Her Go

Feisty and Fearless! That's what you could describe April! Her name sounds pretty sweet but she could beat you to the ground! What happens when she meets the boy who will be her next target? Will they fall in love?


1. April Killerr

 What up ma bitches! I know my last name is the truth! My parents were drunk so they ACCIDENTLY added the other R! I'm pretty hot! I spend a lot of money,I could kill you instantly like those instant coffee thingies, and I'm not as innocent as you think I am! Trust me, call me a dog by my last name, say bye to the fucking daylight. As its a school day I have to get ready. I get good grades but that doesn't mean I am one of those goody two shoes. I have friends that act like I'm there mum but for fucks sake, I'm not! I go in my awesome shower that is one of those future thingies. I put on my navy blue crop top that says 'SWAGGGGGG' right on my boobs. I wear some denim shorts that aren't even that much short. I put on my black and blue hightops. I always wear something black and blue. That's how people get alert of if their eye is gonna get smashed. I take my coffee with my backpack. I forgot to get my lovely cardigan. Nothing gives me a girly touch. Not even pink or a big fat heart on my Tshirt.  I get in my swanky but modern BMW and I start driving. Driving to the hell hole.

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