How Can You Forget Me? Your Best Friend

What will happen when he finally finds out that the girl he has been bullying physically and emotionally and trying to break was actually his bestfriend/crush from his previous school?


5. The Messed Up One.

"Elli, No. I'm not ready to be the...old me" I said and sat down on my bed.

Change back to the old me? Never really thought about it...and all I know is that I am not ready, at all.

"Why?!" She shook her head.

"He has a girlfriend! If I change back to actual me, chances are, he could break up with her and she'd be my problem to deal with." I said. Its sad he's dating the schools slut Brittany.

"Her? I cannot believe he is dating her! shes a fricken slut!" She put her hands up in frustration.

"They have been dating for 1 year..." I mumbled.

She stared at me in disbelieve "What the actual hell!" she said.


She threw me a Black tight shirt with skinnies. I looked at her and gave her a look of disbelieve but just nodded and threw them on.


I sat in my seat very uncomfortably as I sat in front of the slut and my old best friend.

"What The hell Is she doing here?!" Slut screeched.

"She my friend and I'm his friend. I have my rights to be here and so does she." She snapped.

"Well then....Since we don't know you that well...Ash's, Introduce yourself." He looked up at me and motioned me to talk.  Why the hell would he give a crap about my life? Never did, why start now? He's just playing. Well two can play this game. Why don't I introduce myself like I used too...

Will he remember me? Maybe. Lets give it a try.

"I'm Ash's, The Messed Up One." I Glared At Him, With A Little Smirk Playing On My Lips. He Looked Shock Maybe Even Nervous... But He Quickly Hid It away.

I think I hit something Inside his head.

Lets Play With Him Some More....

"I hate being called Ashley, Unless Your Elli." I smiled Innocently.

"And That's All I'm Going To Tell You." I smirked and sat back.

What's going on with me? I don't know. Do I want to pay for what he has done? Yes.

So Game On Derek Hunter. Game On.


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