How Can You Forget Me? Your Best Friend

What will happen when he finally finds out that the girl he has been bullying physically and emotionally and trying to break was actually his bestfriend/crush from his previous school?


1. My Life And A Best Friend.

I transferred to this hell hole a year ago. And let me tell you, I wasn't like like I was at my previous school.

I used to have baby blue hair and a septum piercing. I use to wear skinnies and band tees. And last but not least, my converse.

But now?

Sweats and an over sized t-shirt.

I shook my head at the thought. Should I change back to my old self? No... I seriously do not feel like my self around here. It's just so weird...It's just not...Me.


I walked into Hearest High. If your wondering, I dyed my hair my natural color. Brown.

"Ash's?" An all to familiar voice that could make me burst any second said. I turned back to see Her. Purple Hair with black underneath. Brown eyes.

"Elli?" I gasped. What Is she doing here? In this school?

"What are you doing here?" I whispered, and looked around making sure no-one saw us.

"It's a long story..." She trailed off.

"I've got all day." I snapped.

"Fine. Long story short, I got expelled from our previous school. And, What The Hell Are You Wearing?" She snapped.

"Clothes." I said  in a 'duh' voice.

" I need to explain something..." What do I need to explain?

How Derek didn't remember me. How he has abused me since I have gotten here. How he use to have a crush on me. How we use to be best friends. What Has Actually happened to me. So I decided to skip classes to tell her everything.


"I guess I should tell you what happened...."

This Is My story from the past two years or so...

I transferred here 2 years ago. Little did I know, Derek transferred here 5 years ago. Remember everyday we all use to hang out? when we use to be best friends?  we did possibly everything together. Remember that? Well he doesn't. He doesn't remember me. His best friend. Ash's Maria Sapphire. The one who has been there for him through everything. The one he loved and would come back for. Now?

He bullies me. Physically. Even Emotionally. When he left he said he would never forget me. He said he loved me and would come back for me and wouldn't date another girl...He now has a girlfriend.

That was what I told Elli. Exactly what I told her.

"And he doesn't even recognize you?!" She screamed

I nodded.

"Because I changed. I don't look like the same girl I was back then. No more skinnies, band tees, piercings, blue hair, converse, My green eyes now turned brown." I explained doing little hand gestures.

"This is not you!" she snapped.

"And what do you plan on doing to me?" I snapped back.

"Change you back to the old you. He needs to remember you. You can't live like this anymore." she smiled at me weakly but a look of disappointment spread across her face.


I hope this morning is peaceful...

I was leaning against my purple locker, Hoping it would be peaceful, only to have my hopes up too high. I shouldn't have...

I received a kick in the side. I didn't cry. I couldn't. Because I knew the one abusing me was my best friend. The one that doesn't remember me.

"S-Sto-Stop...Please...Derek..." I whimpered.

"Yeah? Why should I?" He said and smirked slapping me across the face.

because. I was your best friend. You know, the one with the baby blue hair and the piercings. the one you Loved.

Why don't I just tell him 'm his best friend from his previous school?

Because he has a girlfriend now.Plus, if i told him, more drama would be coming my way.

"Get the hell away Dare" Elli said, pushing Derek away from me and stared at him. No=one would dare to ever do that. He practically owned this school.

"Elli? what are you doing here?" he smiled at her.

"I got expelled." She snapped.

"What are you doing with this freak?" He snarled and became all serious again.

"I actually like her." She snapped.

"How's....Ash's..." He whimpered softly, but a smile was on his face. A very light smile.

quickly, we were cut off by the slut he calls a girlfriend.

"Well, seeing you with her, I don't think I should tell you anything." She snarled and glared at him, dragging me away from them.


"Remember when I said I was going to change you back yesterday? I'm going to start on it." She yelled in frustration.

"No! I will not create more trouble!" I practically yelled.

I-I'm sorry Ash...You know I don't like forcing you to do anything...But this is for the best." she hugged me and gladly, I hugged back.

Maybe a change back to reality will be nice...Maybe Things in general will get better.

Only one way to find out...




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