Behind the Curtain

What happens behind the curtains at a 1D concert?


4. Where's the Enthusiasm?

Niall's POV

Simon had just told us the terrible news. Poor Luke. Why couldn't it of been me? I really hate to see him get hurt like that. Whoever did that to him should be ashamed. The boys and I rushed out of our dressing room. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Zayn scowling, staying on the couch.. "Oh c'mon. What's wrong?" I asked, concerned. I sat on the couch, next to him putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't act like you don't know." He replied coldly.

I sighed, "Don't do it for him. Do it for the fans."

"Alright Niall. You always know how to give a pep talk, although that was a short one." Zayn said, starting to lighten up.

"It still worked though!" Niall chirped, "Now let's go catch up with the boys. What do you say?" Zayn nodded his head. We stood up and walked out of the room. We finally caught up with the other members. They were pulling out their Haribo sweets. Before every concert, we each have a Haribo sweet for good luck.

"There you guys are!" Louis yelled.

"Where have you been?" Harry questioned.

"Nothing important." I replied, "Zayn's just a little nervous."

"Am not!" Zayn protested. We all laughed, including Zayn. Zayn and I pulled out our Haribo sweets.

"Cheers!" We said putting each candy together.

"You're on in 2 minutes." Simon quickly said, pulling his phone from his ear, then continued talking to whoever was on the phone with him after he told us his version of hurry up! We stood in a circle, then put our hands in.

"Louis!" Louis exclaimed

"Niall!" I yelled

"Harry!" Harry shrieked

"Liam!" Liam said in a very deep voice, trying to make us laugh. I did laugh, of course.

"Zayn." Zayn said.

Harry looked at him like he was crazy, "Where's the enthusiasm?" Zayn shrugged his shoulders.

"One Direction!" We all yelled, throwing our hands into the air. We all broke out in laughter.


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