Behind the Curtain

What happens behind the curtains at a 1D concert?


6. The Plan

Harry's POV

I wonder what Zayn's problem is. What did he talk about with Niall. It seems suspicious, but I don't want to invade Zayn's privacy. Okay, maybe I would find some pretty juicy stuff if I got it out of Niall. Zayn tells everything to Niall. They are best buds. I won't be hard to get Niall to spill. He's a softie, so I can just spill out a whole sob story, and he will tell me everything. Or I could just bribe him with food. From Nando's would be great.

"Ugggh! That felt like the longest concert ever!" Louis whined.

"Yeah I know! I thought it would never end!" I exclaimed.

"But we did for the fans, right Zayn?" Niall winked at Zayn when he said this. Zayn just nodded his head. Is that what they were talking about? Well, I asn't going to wait to put my plan into action. I went off without telling the boys. After I was out of sight from the rest of my friends, I broke out into a sprint.

I knew exactly where I was going. Yes, it was only two blocks away from the stadium, but fans where nearby because they knew we had a concert here. On my way out of the stadium, I grabbed my Jack Wills hoodie and Liam's sunglasses.




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