Behind the Curtain

What happens behind the curtains at a 1D concert?


2. The Couch

Liam's POV

Okay, so this may sound kinda weird, but the boys and I love our couch backstage. We bring it with us to every concert, every tour, and every award show. Its the only thing that gives us real comfort when we aren't singing. It gives us a chance to relax. Oh and Louis calls it "Couch Muffin" Weird, I know. So we went to our Couch Muffin and Zayn was sprawled out across it.

"Hey! What about us?" Harry asked.

"You snooze you lose" Zayn replied with a smirk. Harry made a pout face. Niall walked over to Harry and whispered something in his ear. A smile spread across Harry's face. Niall nodded at Harry, Harry nodded back.

"One!" Niall yelled.

"Two!" chimed Harry.

"Three!" They both yelled and jumped on to Zayn in one quick motion.

The room erupted in laughter. Zayn doubled over and pretended to be in a ton of pain. "Ooooh!" Zayn moaned. (no pun intended.) Zayn fell to the floor, curled up in a ball. Louis and I were cracking up laughing. Niall and Harry kicked their feet up and relaxed, smiling at Zayn's loss. Just then, Simon walked in. I immediately stopped laughing, but Louis didn't notice him. Zayn shot up and Harry scooted over on the couch. We all sat down.

"Hey-a Simon" Niall said guiltily.


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