Behind the Curtain

What happens behind the curtains at a 1D concert?


9. The Attacker

Sarah's POV

   I struggled for freedom, "Oh c'mon I just wanted a closer look! Boys cut me some slack." I was being dragged out of the stadium, but believe me, I sure did struggle. There were four security guards, now there's only three. No details. 

They through me out the doors. "Hey watch it!" I yelled, "I'm fragile!"

"You two!" One of the guards said, "Stay here and watch her. We don't want any trouble."

"Yes sir!" The other two guards said in unison.

The guard who seemed to be in charge shifted his eyes in a suspicious way, "And uh..." He lowered his voice, "Dispose of her before its...." He shifted his eyes once more, "Before its time."

The two men, still holding my arms, nodded their heads.

"Time for what?" I blurted out.

"Nothing of you're concern young lady. In fact, you have helped us getting rid of that other preposterous boy band. Now we don't have to do anything extreme to them as we will to....I have said too much."

I became worried, "What are you planning?" I demanded. 

The man smirked, "Ta! Ta!" He walked away laughing..

"You aren't a security guard are you?" I screamed. Just then, the two men holding me there jerked me to the side and one pulled out a gun.


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