Behind the Curtain

What happens behind the curtains at a 1D concert?


13. Saving the Enemy

Zayn's POV

We rushed out of the stadium in search of our best friends. I hoped nothing too terrible happened. What if they were just pranking us? No, they would never put us in this much worry. I became more and more frightened as I thought.

"Liam, where could they even be? I've been thinking and, well, what if they were killed? Or worse?" I thought, what could be worse than dying? Oh well. Liamm didn't respond. "Liam?"

I turned around. Liam wasn't there. "Please Liam. I'm really scared right now and I have no time for jokes." Liam didn't appear. "Liam?" I became terrified. I need help. NOW!

I sprinted back to the stadium. It was being blocked off by two security guards, Victor and Caleb. 

"Hey guys, I need to get through! Quick. Something terrible is happening, and I'm afraid I'm next."

Caleb stood there, trying to hold in a laugh. "You can't haha go in haha!" I was so confused. What was so funny. Little did I know, tied to the back of Victor was an almost dead Liam.

"Can I go in or what?" I asked.

"No" They said in unison. 

"Why not?" I questioned.

"Because!" Victor yelled. Then he cleared his throat. "Because you need to go save Luke Hemmings." My jaw dropped. WHAT?


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