Behind the Curtain

What happens behind the curtains at a 1D concert?


11. Nando's

Harry"s POV

I ran into Nando's and ordered NIall's favorite. Chicken. I tried to be quick, so I left the the change. I ran out, hoping no fans were nearby. When i was almost to the stadium, I saw two suspicious figures, each carrying a body shaped bag.

I ran to the people out of curiousness. "Hey! What's going on?"

"Huh?" One of the men acted surprised. I then recognized who they were.

"Victor? Caleb? Why are you guys out here?" I asked.

"Just doing busy work." Replied Victor.

I eyed the bags. "What's in there? Is it Liam and Zayn? HaHa!" I joked.

"Ummm, oh you were joking! Yep no bodies in in here." I could see Caleb's eyes shifting from side to side.

"Sooo...what is in there anyway? Just a little curious." I asked. Something suspicious was going on.

"Caleb..." Victor said through gritted teeth. Caleb shook his head and pulled out his gun.

"Woah!" I put my hands up as if surrendering. "Guys I mean no harm! What;s going on?"

"You will know soon....Harry."

That is the last thing I remember before I was knocked out.

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