Behind the Curtain

What happens behind the curtains at a 1D concert?


1. Macy

Louis's POV

"We're like Na! Na! Na! Goin like yeah! yeah! yeah!" I sang. "You sing it Miami!" I held out my mic. They sang in how can I put this...quote unquote "perfect". HaHa.

"Alright seeya in a few. Now performing is.." Liam started but got cut off.

"5 Seconds of Summer!!!" Harry yelled. We waved to the fans as they went wild. We headed off the stage to relax for a few. Well, at least we wanted to relax.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" A piercing scream hurt and I saw Niall cringe. "You-O-One-Dir-Di-Direction.!" The girl stuttered.

"Yeah we are." Zayn said matter of factly.

"What's your name love?" I added.

"Got backstage pass from my mom!" Niall rolled his eyes when she wasn't looking as she said this.

"And your name?" Niall asked.


"Well Macy let's get a few pics, then we will be on our way" Harry said. We took a few minutes snapping pictures then finally got to go relax....maybe.


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