Behind the Curtain

What happens behind the curtains at a 1D concert?


14. Louis!@#$%^&*

Louis' POV

I walked down the sidewalk, struggling to stand. I sat down on a nearby bench and closed my eyes wondering what happened to me? I ran through the things I ate today. For breakfast I had some oatmeal, I had lunch at Nando's with Niall. And then later Victor gave me some orange juice.

Nothing out of the ordinary that I can recall. I must be so sick from something. I stood up and decided to go back to the stadium and apologize to Zayn and Liam for me acting up like that. Maybe Harry has returned? At that thought I became excited.

I started back, hoping Simon didn't worry too much. When I was close, I saw Liam. 

"Hey Liam!" I waved, "Listen, I'm sorry about before. Didn't mean to be like that." I tilted my head in confusion. Liam wasn't responding, or moving. I took a few steps further. I saw Caleb standing by him, but they were facing opposite directions.

"Liiiiaaaaaam!!" I yelled. No response. That always gets em. I walked closer, only to see, Liam was tied to the back of Victor. "Hey what'cha doin with Liam?"

Victor and Caleb turned. They looked each other in the eye, scared and confused. They each nodded their head, while Victor pulled out a gun and handed it to Caleb. Caleb held the gun out at me, ready to shoot. I backed up, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw Zayn running! And yes, this was really Zayn.

I tried to pretend I didn't see him, but then Caleb shot. He missed. Some trained body guard. I started running for Zayn.

"Zaaaaaaayyyyyynn!!!" I called out. Zayn stopped and turned. Another bullet whizzed by me. That was a close one.

Zayn ran over to me and embraced me in a hug. "Let's get outta here!" He urged.

"Where are we goin?" I asked

"The hospital." Zayn replied.


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