Behind the Curtain

What happens behind the curtains at a 1D concert?


12. Help!

Simon's POV

"Find those boys NOW!" I yelled at the security guards. I was a little confused because I could'n't find Caleb and Victor anywhere! "Liam! Zayn! Get over here!"

"Yes Simon?" Liam asked.

"FIND THEM NOW!!!!" I screamed.

"Jeez, okay." Zayn remarked. I could see Liam kick Zayn in the shin. I brushed this off, knowing I had much worse matters to handle.

"0kay Simon. Right away sir!" Liam said obeying my orders.

"Hurry1' We need to get you boys to the plane in..." I checked my watch for precise time, "two hours and forty three and a half minutes."

Zayn rolled his eyes, "You could've just said about three hours old man...ager. Manger. HaHa.' Zayn started awkwardly whistling.

"Let's go" Liam demanded.

I watched as they left the stadium, hoping they would be okay.


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