What comes first,love or blood?

I love One Direction but, I'm a vampire.My sister is a vampire to and when she tries to kill Niall I save his life but, is that the last time I see Niall. Read and find out what happens.


1. Vampires

Vanessa Pov


I always wonder how does it feel to dream and sleep. I would never know how it would feel .I'm an animal, I'm an vampire. I am different from humans but, I like the same things they like. I like shoes,jewelry, and One Direction. I love One Direction, I know all their songs. In fact I was listening to their music in my bed room. My sister she also a vampire her name is Erika. She hates One Direction, I don't know why.

"Hey Vanessa you hungry?We can go get some food."Said Erika.

"Yeah sure wait a second." I replied Yes blood was food what do you expect?

Sorry that was short but I'll make the net one longer.

Comment plz and enjoy. :)


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