What comes first,love or blood?

I love One Direction but, I'm a vampire.My sister is a vampire to and when she tries to kill Niall I save his life but, is that the last time I see Niall. Read and find out what happens.


3. End of Niall

Vanessa Pov

She turned around her eyes were red. " Vanessa don't tell me what to do!" " Don't do it he will be all over the news. Animal attack questions will be everywhere." She looked at Niall and looked at me and she bit Niall on his neck I used my super speed and threw against the brick walls then I picked up Niall and ran super fast the blood got to me I had to not think about of that. "Are you okay Niall?" He looked scared at me and started to run away from me I stood in front of him. " I won't hurt you, I'm not like my sister I'm sorry about what she did to you. Come on before she comes back," He looked at me. " How can I-I-I trus-st you-o-o? What are you?" I looked at him. You can trust me I'm not like my sister at all I hate her for that." We went and got a hotel where she won't us. " We"ll stay here for just tonight then we have to go to a different hotel tomorrow. How's your neck? Let me check it out." I got walked close to him and he was kinda hesitant."Let me see like I said I'm not gonna hurt you." He didn't get hurt that bad, I went into the restroom and got a rag and wet it a little and put it on his neck. "Um thanks." I was glad because I was with Niall but, I'm sad because I have to hide from my sister. I knew she would always be trouble I wish she never turned, I just want my true sister back. I could tell Niall was still frightened because his hands were shaking. "Are you okay?" I asked. He turned his head towards me, "Not really, I need to call my band mates and tell them where I'm at." He got up and went to the phone on the dresser next to the bed. I stood up and was next to him in a instant. He gasped and his eyes went wide. "Oh I'm sorry, I forgot you're not use to that and I think it's best if u don't tell them at the moment. I don't think you want them to come here and risk the fact that my sister may follow them." He looked down then into my eyes, he has such beautiful eyes. "Yeah I guess you're right." He went and sat back down on the couch. "Are you hungry? I could get you some food?" He looked up and kinda smiled. "I'm always hungry, even through a crisis like this I can still eat." I smiled and grabbed the phone to get room service. "Yes I'll take a large pizza just cheese and large- um one sec. What do you want to drink?" I looked over to him.  "I'll just take a coke."  I turned back around. "A large coke please. Yes, And oh some hot wings too. Eight piece will be fine, Thanks." I hung up the phone and turned around. It'll be about twenty minutes wait." I went and sat on the other side of the bed. I didn't want to freak him out. I just looked at the floor awkwardly not really knowing what to say. He let out a loud sigh and opened his mouth, "You never answered my question." I looked up at him confused. "What do you mean?" "I asked you earlier what are you and you never answered." I kinda hesitated I'm not really sure what I should say. "Uh, well. Okay fine I'll tell you. Just promise you don't freak out because you just calmed down." He looked at me serious "Okay I promise." I looked down then back up to him. "I'm a-a I'm a vampire" 

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