Grace Under Fire


1. Grace Under Fire

Some think of war,

I think of life.

Although, they could always be the same thing.


They'e both rough, 

they're both difficult, 

You lose people in both,

and its hard to see the difference.


But, there is one.

People risk their lives to protect our countries in war.

You don't have a say in life.

Although some people would like one.


But, to be honest, 

we don't deserve a say.

There are people who die every day from war,

There are families affected by these deaths,

and people cry because someone called them ugly.


That is no reason to cry.

A reason to cry is losing your dad to battle,

A reason to cry is when you see the dead bodies around you,

A reason to cry is how horrible the guilt of killing innocent people is tearing you apart, 

not your ex-boyfriend.

A reason to cry is finding that there is no grace under fire,

and it's stealing the lives of many.

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