"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


9. Chapter 9

Niall's POV:

Who wrote that note? I want to know. I guess I just have to find out. I find my phone and start a new message with Kiera's number in the send box. 

Hey Kiera. Can we talk its kinda urgent? Niall xx

I send the message and wait for a reply. Nothing. For 10 minutes. I sit on my bed, my foot tapping on the hardwood floor, trying to think of something urgent to talk about if I get a text back. 

Kiera's POV:

Me and Louis talk about the randomest things in the car, and I learn he's from Doncaster and has a lot of sisters. We finally arrive at the coffee shop,  and the only thing that looks familiar is regular coffee and hot chocolate. I go with the hot chocolate. I pull out my wallet but Louis pushes my hand away from the cashier and he pays for both of us, before I can argue. We find a table and he seems nervous and kinda awkward.

"So Kiera, thanks for meeting me. Got any questions about the school or on anyone?" I smile down at my drink and remember my mom doesn't know I'm gone. I send a quick  text to her saying I'll be out at coffee for the next hour. She replies back with a simple answer. 

"Um, yea actually. What about that Nate guy?" He laughs and then answers me. 

"Rugby jock and jerk. He had a thing with some of the cheerleaders, then went out with Georgia Vines. hey broke up like last summer or something, but she doesn't think he was serious. So she offered what she had and now they're back together.  Well, actually you have everything a guy wants here at Greenwood high school." He smiles at me, while I spit back some hot coco in my cup. I wipe my mouth and then begin. 

"Excuse me?" I say paying attention

"Well yea! I mean your smart, pretty, hot, nice smile, personality and ya." I feel my cheeks turn red and I look down. Then I remember a couple more people.


"Oh yeah, he's like the punk one, but everyone's scared of his past or something." He says taking a sip of his coffee. 

"What'd he do?" I ask curiously.

"He got expelled from a couple of schools, and this is the only one that will actually take him."

"Niall?" I have no clue why I'm asking him this.

"I hear your wearing his jersey this friday?" I nod

"Oh okay. But I mean he's our football goalie, and we've known each other from when we were in grade school, I guess we're pretty close." 

"Thanks for the coffee and everything, but I wish I could stay longer but I have to unpack, and prepare for some school stuff tomorrow." I smile. He nods and we go back to his car. The car ride was completely silent except for Louis singing. He has an amazing voice. I wish I could hear it more. He pulls into my driveway and I see a familiar car- Niall's. 

"What's he doing here?" I whisper to myself. I get out of the car and open the door to see Niall talking to my mom. 

Niall's POV:

Why the hell was Louis with Kiera? He knows that I want her to be my girlfriend. I casually shake it off, as I see his car leave. She has a confused look on her face as she steps into the kitchen. 

"Niall what are you doing here?"

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