"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


71. Chapter 67

Kiera's POV:

Well about 4 hours later, we finally arrive to beach. I haven't been to a beach in a while so I hope I enjoy. Niall parks the car and we walk down hand in hand to some familiar people. As we get closer my stomach feels like its going to come out of my mouth or something. I mean I have no problem with Zayn, Katy, El and Harry, I guess Liam and his girl and um....Louis and his girlfriend. But what puts me over the edge is that Nate is here with some girl. Its probably like a one night stand or something but I hope not. I don't think any girl should go through that, coming from me who went through that more and worse. 

Louis' arm is slung around his girl and my head starts hurting, somewhat because me and Niall well mostly me went a little over the edge. But the view gets my stomach even tied more. 

"Hey Kiera! Niall." The group greets us. I put on a smile as we walk closer hugging everyone. I awkwardly hug Zayn and he winces at the light pressure I use. 

"Whats wrong?" I quietly whisper to him. 

"I'll tell you later." He says back. I nod and catch up with Eleanor as Niall does with Harry. 

"So, you wanna meet Louis' girl?" I ask El flicking my head at them. They're both hugging, and she fits perfectly under his chin. He's talking into her ear, and she's dead still. 

"Ya." We get up from the log we are sitting on and walk over to them. They don't notice us and it makes it even weirder. I 'clear' my throat to get there attention and his little friend turns around embarrassed. 

"Hey so, I'm Kiera and this is Eleanor. We were wondering if you wanted to go like take a walk with us?" I ask knowing Eleanor and I wasn't wondering that. Louis kinda pushes her to us and we begin walking away from them. 

"So how long have you been with Louis?"  El starts off this conversation.

A/N:Melissa is in italics. 

"Um, I think like 2-3 weeks maybe shorter." She says kicking a rock. 

"Do you like him?" I ask trying not to care. On the first day of school I did have a crush on Louis for a long time until Niall became my boyfriend. 

"He's so funny! Oh and a good kisser." She slips the last part in quietly, but we can hear. She kinda giggles. 

"So who are you with?" 

"Oh, Niall is my boyfriend, and Harry is hers" I say to Eleanor who has a huge smile on her face. 

"Do y-you um love them?" She shyly asks us. 

"Yes, me and Harry are just like... well I don't know how to describe it! Beyond amazing and words though. Its like no one can get in your way its your life and love." She answers Melissa's question. They both look at me waiting for mine. 

"Um, well me and Niall have basically been dating since I got her which is like half a year." Have I been here this long? Already? "And we have had our on and offs but that doesn't get in the way of true love. Sounds kinda cheesy but its true. Me and Niall are like best friends. We tell each other everything and he's just there for me. I really do love him and hopefully nothing gets in the way."


Eleanor's POV:

What Kiera says brings back memories of the first week of school. When Niall called dibs on her when she clearly liked Louis. She didn't tell anybody but you could just tell by the way she looked at him. I still think there is that tiny chance of her still liking him and Melissa is making her chance even smaller. 

But Kiera has Niall, I have Harry and so on and so on. But my gut is telling me soon Kiera's gonna know what Niall did. I mean it doesn't sound like it would hurt someone but to girls it means a lot. Basically you betted on them to get them, you could only have them. I wonder if he does truly love her like she does to him. 


Louis' POV:

"So you tell Kiera what happened over break?" I ask bringing the bottle up to my mouth. 

"No, and she's not gonna know." He says walking down to the water. 

"Oh just like she doesn't know that you called dibs on her!" I push the statement over to him. 

"You better tell her soon before its too late, or not." I say again. 

"Its over." He says not looking at me. 

"What is?" I ask 

"This whole thing. I love her, she's my girlfriend." He raises his voice. 

"Just because she's your girlfriend doesn't mean other people like her!" I yell back. This conversation got so heated so fast. 

"What? Its you! You like her! Well Louis your just gonna have to get over it! She doesn't love you!" He snaps at me. It hurts, those words, but I think he is just trying to hold on to their relationship and reassure himself of it. 

"But if you hadn't called dibs on her, who do you think she'd be with?!" I yell. 


Niall's POV:

"But if you hadn't called dibs on her, who do you think she'd be with?!" Louis yells at me.  

"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off!" I say my fists clenched. I turn around to to him and see her and her face; unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time.  


                                                                     THE END



A/N: WOW. SO PLEASE , PLEASE PLEASE comment below for a sequal or not. Hope you enjoyed. 

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