"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


70. Chapter 66

A/N: Okay guys, so this chapter is only girls' POV, and next will be a mix. Please comment below and the end of this chapter if you liked girls or boys POV better. Catching Fire is coming out!!! I'm so excited. But get this.... I can see 1DDay or Catching Fire? Well I'm gonna watch both even if I half to sneak out. :p #rebel #jk


Karina's POV:

The rain hitting the windows of his car adds to the emotions and scenes going on. Liam's hair is wet, slightly laying on top of his forehead. Tiny clear droplets of water outline his face as he gets out of the freezing rain. 

We eventually stop kissing and a thought occurs to my mind. How many girls has Liam kissed? I mean he's a pretty good kisser, so on this guy it looks like practice was used. His phone goes off and he quickly looks at it, placing it down back again giving his eyes back to the road. 

"So appearantly like a lot of the people in or grade are ditching. And it said to bring their girlfriends. I mean I'm okay with the idea, are you?" Ditching? It only happened once but that was to get a new CD to make sure it didn't sell out. We don't have any tests tomorrow and my parents are out of town so my older brother won't mind, since he thinks I'm invisible. 

"Yea it sounds fun." I say thinking of the time it took me to think of an answer. 

"Where though?"

"To this beach thing, my friends know where it is so maybe we can like ride all together." He says looking at his phone again. He switches his phone with my hand and these are the little things that I adore. 



Katy's POV:

I wake up to be covered in heavy blankets and jackets. My curtains to my balcony let the gray air seep through into my room. I get up and notice a note on my bedside table. Its from Zayn saying that I feel asleep and he took me home. 

I kinda figured that. I have no clue what time we got here. Oh god did he meet my mom? I hope not. I have told her some clues on having a boyfriend but she does't know its him. The ear piercings are already overwhelming her and not to mention his tattoos. I quickly change into different clothes hoping my mom didn't see my choice in clothing. She would freak out if she saw me in these materials let alone where I wore them too. 

I slip down stairs and smell the familiar coffee and cinnamon rolls that appears every week. Mother is already dressed for work, nice black pencil skirt, collared shirt, low high heels with barely any make up and wavy hair. 

"Katy you are going to be late for school! Get going!" She snaps at me with out taking her eyes off her book. Sometimes she wasn't my mom at all. After my older sister left for college then dropped out, both of their lives got twisted in the wrong ways. But it makes sense for the middle child to feel left out the most. I'm used to it. 

I place a roll on a glass plate, adding a cup of orange juice and run up to my room. I thought it would be the afternoon of the next day, but since I always woke up early it made sense. 

I pull up some light washed jeans rolling the never ending pant legs and tie my converse on after. I walk to the bathroom finishing my breakfast and slip on my favorite pale striped sweater. I throw my hair up into a messy bun not caring about anyone's opinions right now. 

I smooth on some baby pink lip gloss and mascara grabbing my tan infinity scarf and school bag on the way out. 

Zayn: You wanna hang out with some friends today? I'll pick you up. 

Sounds fun. I'm ready to go. My fingers hit the letters on the screen quickly locking my phone and pushing it into my pant pocket. 

"Hey mom, I'm gonna study again so I'll be home late again. Finals are coming up." I say making an excuse. I feel bad for lying to her, but once I tell her that Zayn's my boyfriend and everything else, everything is going to be okay. 

I hear a honk outside and my mom jumps out of her chair and looks out the window. I see her grimace that takes over her face and its bad news. 

"Is that Zayn? Why is he here?" She says nastily. How does she know him?

"Oh, we have first class and a couple other classes together so it just worked out better for us to ride to school together." I say walking away. She rolls her eyes at my answer. And I wlk out the door meeting Zayn half way here. 

He leans over to kiss me but I reject him, knowing my mother is watching us. He gives me a pained look and I tell him. 

"In the car, I haven;t fully told my mom yet, so I don't want her freaking out on why some random boy is kissing me." I explain while he helps me get into his massive car. 

"Some random boy?" He says playfully look hurt. 

"My random boy." I say correcting my earlier words and kissing him on the cheek. 

"So when are we meeting your friends?" I ask him. 

"Right now." He says turning a different direction. 

"What? Zayn I can't skip school again. My mom will find out and I'll be grounded or something." 

"Katy I want you to relax. No more skipping school after this okay?" He says looking at me in the eyes. I feel like I am melting under his stare and those dark eyes. I nod and take his hand, noticing light purple marks on his knuckles. Like he was fighting or something. Why though?


Kiera's POV:

That night was too fun to remember. I got totally drunk according to Niall. He couldn't though cause he was driving and didn't want to take a chance. My Niall. 

And appearantly he really likes me on the dance floor and my moves beacuse of the things he told me thins morning on the phone. My head was still aching, I still feel like the loud music is pounding though. I don't want to go to school like this or at all. 

I receive a text from Niall, saying we should skip and meet up with some friends and hang out. My savior! I have no clue where we are going, but he is going to be here in a half hour so might as well get ready. 

I put on my signature black crop top, with some high wasted jeans and my white converse. I hear the door bell ring and run to the bathroom brushing my teeth quickly. I grab a coral colored scarf and my old military jacket along with my phone and money. 

When I close the door he's leaning against the passenger door like every guy does waiting for a girl. I get in stealing a few kisses her and there and notice my make up is still in here. I didn't have time to put it on so I should now. 

Everything is here that I need so I'm a happy camper, with make up, surprise starbucks and my boyfriend. I finish off rubbing some blush on my cheeks when Niall gets annoyed. 

"Do you half to put that stuff on? I don't like it." He complains looking at me. 

"Why not?" I ask purposelly apply a tiny but more to annoy him. 

"Because you don't need it. You're beautiful with out it." He says blue eyes looking into mine. I don't think Niall has every seen me without make up before. Oh wait, yes when I spent the night with him. It feels like years ago that happened when it was like less then a month. 

"Thanks but I want to." 

"No your not." He says looking at me. What? Then I realize it. He snatches away my mascara and throws it out the window. 

"Not anymore." He smiles at me. That man bitch. You never throw a girl's make up away, especially out he car window. Shit is about to go down. 

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