"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


68. Chapter 65

a/n: sorry I haven't included Louis' girlfriend at all. Sorry. So from now on she'll be in them more. Hope you enjoy. This chapter is from the boys POV!

Zayn's POV:

I understand the words coming out of Katy's mouth, but I don't care about any of them. Of course she cared if she would have been raped by the prick, but I don't want to bring it up again. I don't think we are ever going back there let alone, leaving her alone in a crowded area. "I love you." She tells me. It takes me a few moments to realize the words but I want to say them back. My mind just can't think. 

Instead I grab her tiny had, encasing it in mine. I press a light kiss the top, whisper I love you back to her. Right in this moment I feel like it was with Gab-. No more special. Well I have to stop thinking about the past. 

Katy trusts me....and I love her. I have to be the same. Trusting her and loving, protecting her. We drive to her place to drop her off, me still trying to cool off about what happened less than an hour ago. I'm furious, more that. If Niall was there I'd have him take Katy and show him how to be treated. I'd beat his soon-to-be sorry ass, maybe even more. But the punch I threw at him, was only a slight chance of my anger. I pulled up into her driveway. Her house looking much bigger with lights hanging around the house. I look over and pat her shoulder. She's asleep. 

The beautiful color in her eyes showing off her face, notice me and she's awake. I rub her head, telling her to back to sleep. She listens to me, her head falling back on the side of the seat. 

I walk over to her side of car and open the door, reaching over her body un-clicking the belt that has strapped her in.  I place one of my arms in the bend of her legs and one around her back. I pull her out of the car, turning around, closing the door with my foot. She immediately cuddles into my body, and I just want to stop and sit down absorbing this moment. But I can't one of the lights in the house flicks on, and thats my que to carry her to the front door of her house. 

I ring the bell and wait for it to open. Its about 3 in the morning, and when the door flies open on the other side in the door frame is and angry women. It looks like her mom, since the faces are almost identical. Except Katy's features show her of a younger age. This is what her mom must have looked like in high school. Nice-looking. 

"Hi um, sorry its so early in the morning but here's Katy." I say looking down at he angelic face. 

"And who are you?" She snaps at me, definitely not the same personality. Has she told her about me yet? That we're dating? 

"Oh I'm just a friend, but she fell asleep in the car on are way home from..." I can't say we went to multiple clubs, danced, drank and she got violated. 

"We were just coming home from a party." I quickly spit out. 

"What kind of party?" Her eyebrow raises looking similar to the grinch. i could already tell she doesn't like me as a friend, and  a boyfriend. 

"It was for a club we are in..... modern world technology." I say walking to her house, being 'greeted' by her mom. 

"Any drinking?" She says spinning in my and her daughter's direction. 

"No can't have any drinks, when there is computers around." I say looking away hoping she doesn't figure out my horrible lie. 

"Okay, bring her up to her room. No funny business at all." She says sternly looking my dead in the eye. Her eyes burn, I feel like she's Voldemort or something. 

"Yes ma'am." I say nodding. 

"Her room is upstairs, 3rd door on the left in the second right hallway." Holy shit. Big house much? 

"Oh and call me Mrs. Porter."  She says looking at me as I make my way past her and up the stairs. I nod again and follow the directions she gave me. I open the plain white door and switch the lights on noticing everything in her room. There are pictures of a group of 4 guys with her in between, but way more pictures of one guy. 

I move closer to her mirror with a group photo of them. One with bright baby blue hair, next to him a guy with black hair and its in a quiff. The third guy with another quiff, sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, next to him is Katy but the last guy kissing her cheek. Her cheeks are incredibly red. Is that her ex boyfriend or something? His name is scribbled below with hearts near the name. Ashton.

 I try to ignore and lightly place her on her neatly made bed. Considering how her mom looked at me, she will not approve of the Katy is wearing. I find a big sweatshirt in the corner. I slip it over her head and it covers the tight black shirt she has one. I try to take off the shoes, but they are too complicated. I look everywhere for scissors, failing and finding more pictures of this boy Ashton. 

I give up and try again, finally taking them both off. I straighten her body out and pull the covers over her, trying to make her comfortable. I lean down and press a light kiss to her forward. I look out the window, and she has balcony with trees surrounding. Might come in handy a couple times. ;)

I close the bedroom door and jog down the stairs being stopped my her mom. 

"No funny business?" She asks not looking up from the magazine in her hand. 

"Not at all. By the way I'm Zayn." I say trying to remember my manners. 

"Mhmm" is all she 'says'. 

"Well good bye Zayn." She says rudely but probably thinking she should win the most polite award. I walk out and carefully shut the front door. I run over to my car, wanting to get as far away from her mom. I make my way back to the exact place where I want. The Roof. 

I have business to finish.


Niall's POV:

Kiera quickly pulls away form my lips and slips out of my embrace around her and her face. She sprints out of my grasp and keeps running. 

"Hey! Get back here!" I say some laughing in my voice. 

"Catch me if you can!" She yells back still sprinting. I go after her, with one hand on my snapback. My speed is helping me, with her small legs not. I soon catch up to her and grab her by the waist scaring her. She actually screams for a second, then notices its only me. 

I spin her around and she somewhat trips in my arms. 

"Ow! Niall I think I hurt my ankle." She says leaning down holding it. I guide her to a bench and she gets up trying to walk it off. She trips and I lurch forward catching her by the arm. She faces me and smiles. What? 

"Just kidding." She says leaning up and pressing her lips to mine. It was soft but not rushed. In the act of kissing she steals my snap back and places it on her head laughing as she backs away. 

"Okay first of all, not funny. I thought you were serious. And even though you look so hot in my hat, give it back." I say with my hand extended to grab the hat. She pouts handing it over and i bring her in and hug her. 

"Common, I want something to drink the day isn't over." 

"Morning." I correct her. Her face goes pale then shakes off whatever she was thinking. We walk back to a different club and are immediately overly greeted by girls in slutty clothes. 


Louis' POV:

Words got out that Niall is out at The Roof. Probably with Kiera. He no longer lives with me and I'm happy. I haven't gotten a chance to see Kiera since she has gotten back. I truly miss a friend. Well I think. 

But I have Melissa now. One of the best people in my life. She's cool, pretty and fits right into my body when I hug her. But the thing is she goes to a different school, where she is popular with everyone including the guys. I just have to trust her that I'm hers, and she's mine. 

"Hey you wanna meet my friends tomorrow at like a get together or something?" I ask looking down at her. My arm is around her. She is like the female version of me. Constantly making me laugh and may I say is very good looking. 

"Yes, that sounds so fun!" She says looking at me. 

"Okay. I ask them." She nods, and directs he attention back to the movie. The Hangover. Its really funny but inappropriate, a funny inappropriate. I wrap a blanket around us, and she snuggles closer to me. 

"I love you Louis." I freeze in my position not knowing what to say. 


Liam's POV:

"Karina as much as I want this date to carry on, its like 3 in the morning, and its gonna get colder." I say looking at the fire we made, well I made. 

"Okay well we can go back to the car?" I smile and she leans up kissing the corner of my mouth. I rip the blanket off of us, and pack up the stuff. I look up at her, and she is shaking from the coldness in the air. I pick her up, surprising her and carry her to the car putting the heater on as high as it can go. I shut the door and walk back to the place where we were and pack up the stuff. 

It starts raining and I carry everything in my hands. I get back to the car and literally throw everything in. I get up to the front and slam the door shut, putting my hands in front of the vent that is spitting out hot air. Karina is laughing at me. 

"Your so cute." She says laughing at me. I lean over and kiss her cheek, but quickly move to get her lips she was taken by surprise but I didn't care. She kisses me back, heat goes throw my body besides being in a warming place. I love it. 

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