"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


67. Chapter 64

A/N: You guys have to listen to Half a Heart from their new Album  It got leaked and I cry every time when Zayn's solo. Its so precious words can't describe it. #payzer4ever

Kiera's POV:

Zayn and Katy ditched us, along with our new friends. Me and Niall had both had a couple refills on our drinks. My head feels weird but I'm not sure if it is from the addictive drink or that the music gets louder each second. Its defiantly got hotter in here even thought people are dispersing. 

"Can we go check out some other places? Please?" I scream over the music to Niall. He nods and pushes his drink away tipping the waitress. I hop out of my chair, and my shirt gets caught tugging me back. I laugh at my clumsiness and join Niall who is laughing at me. He slings his arm around my shoulder and my hand reaches for his. We walk out and walk longer than expected. We sneak into another loud place. When I pull my head up from the ground this place surprises. Way more modern but a little more risky. I finally realized this is place you needed to go to get drunk, stoned, or laid. But I didn't want that at all. Maybe drunk but nothing else. 

Niall orders us drinks again but this time their stronger way stronger. But it feels nice. Not really caring. Loving life with the people you love. This drink tastes a little like cherry but it feels good running down my throat.

The music isn't that good, and the dance floor is way too crowded to dance on. But it still seems fun. The atmosphere is more intense than the party back home. Energy and nervousness with regret surge through the air through all the bodies moving. 

"We should dance!" I yell over the pounding music.

He nods and takes my hand and leads me over to the floor. Its still crowded but he makes room for us as we walk through the maze of sweaty people. I've never really danced like this and if my heart wasn't beating quickly because of my surroundings, it'd be beating faster. Luckily Niall moves behind me, really close. I mean I've danced dirty before but its different this time, but I can't think why. Maybe because its with someone I love. I look around and we have blended with the dance moves and people. Grinding mostly, but stealing kisses here and there. I've never been in such a caring relationship like this before. I mean Broady was like this but I wasn't comfortable. 

His face falls into the crook of my neck, I move my head, letting him having more and my head falls back onto is shoulder.  

"Common lets go" Niall yells into my ear, and drags us of the floor and out a back door. Its a plan area, deserted. Some places burned, trashed and no noise. He spins me and kisses me. It goes deeper and passionate has he back into the wall of all the conjoined places. He lifts me up and my legs wrap around his waist. Assuming whats coming next, I don't want it to be here or now. I love Niall, but I'm not ready to give myself to him...yet. 

I hope he feels the same way. 

"Niall." I say in between kisses, "are you still like a virgin and whatever?" I ask not caring about my grammar. I never talked about stuff like this except to Jordan, and surprisely Austin. He stops kissing. I'm guessing he still is. 

"Its really embarrassing, but yes." He says whispering. I can tell he's really trusting me now. I'm okay with that.

"Are you?" He asks back, looking into my eyes. 

"Um, no." I say down at the ground this time actually embarrassing. "Do you tell people that you are still?" I ask trying to change the subject from me. 

"Yes. I mean your a junior in high school. Going to parties, almost every weekend. Getting high sometimes. It ruins your reputation." He says looking down. 

"Parties? Stoned? Drugs! Niall?" I ask words fumbling out of my mouth. 

He runs his fingers through his head adding pressure on the nape of his neck. I nod and kiss his cheek, keeping our distance the same. 

"Its okay, you can trust me." He smiles and cups my cheek bringing my face up to his. Our kiss gets heated with tongues involved. 

"I love you." He breathes into my face. I say it back then break away from the kiss, playfully running away from him. 

"Hey! Get back here!" He says yelling at me, with laughing in this tone. 

"Catch me if you can!" I yell not turning back. 

Katy's POV:

desperately look around for any traces of Zayn or Niall, Kiera. Nope. None. He grabs my hands, interlocking his fingers in mine, gripping mine too tight. I wince but he doesn't notice. I push him away by the chest. But he reaches out and catches my hand. 

"Get away from me!" I yell at him. He only brings me closer. 

"I don't think so baby." He whispers into my ear. Even though he is whispering with loud music playing I can hear him clearly. He gently bites my neck, sucking at the revealed skin. His tongue grazes his mark on me. 

"Get off of her!" I hear an angry voice behind me. I slap his face, his face turning. I jump back into Zayn's arm. I feel tears trickling down my cheeks. He kisses my head, and pushes me behind him. 

"Never touch her again! How can you treat her like that you little prick!" Zayn yells at him walking closer to him. Zayn's choice of words takes me back, but I only want to feel safe. Before I can think Zayn throws a nasty punch in the guy's direction, giving him a bloody nose, and falling to the ground. 

"Lets go." Zayn's eyes darker than before, strong hands grabbing my waist and pulling him close. TIny tears still falling he wipes them away with the pad of his thumb. 

"We're going home, now." He says sternly. I don't reply, him already knowing my answer. His huge hand takes mine and his other arm on my waist. I can feel the heat from his body on mine, instantly making more safe. 

"Did he touch you anywhere else?" Zayn says looking at me, his eyes pitch black. He is apparently very sensitive on this subject. I'm happy that he cares. Well hopefully. 

"Thanks, for helping me." I thank him

"It makes me pissed, because that used to be me. I was a fuck up, you know? I absolutely hated it. And now that I have someone to be happy with, I don't want anyone treating you like that. it sickens me." He says almost spitting. I kiss him on the cheek but soon the lips not wanting too distract him from the road.

"Thanks I really mean it Zayn. I feel the same way. I just want you to know, that I really appreciate it. I love you." Its been about a week since we've been dating but I feel comfortable saying it and in this relationship. 

He takes my hand and and kisses the top, whispering the same phrase into my hand. 

Karina's POV:

"Karina" I hear a light, soft voice in my ear. I open my eyes, leaning up noticing I feel asleep on Liam's chest. 

"I'm sorry." I say looking away hoping he didn't see my burning cheeks. 

"Its okay. I'm perfectly fine with it." He says smiling. 



a/n: How was that? Sorry that 'club' scene was awful, yell at me if you want. Next chapter is from the boys POV!! I'm actually kinda excited. Have a good day or night, wherever you are!

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