"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


65. Chapter 63

Kiera's POV:

I've seen some of this place from the outside, but nothing in the inside. Niall parks the car and we both get out joining each other by the side. We look around and every place I look there is lines forming by the entrance. 

"Cm'n this way." He says saying over the music blasting from the different parties at the clubs. I've only been to one with Jordan and some of my old friends, but that was a interesting memory. 

"So are these all like actual clubs?" I whisper embarrassingly into Niall's ear. 

"Not all of them, but this one that we are going to is kinda." I nod and he guides me to the line that awaits to have the best time of their life, or so they think. 

The line shrinks quickly and in a matter of no time we were at the entrance. Everything is the same except no IDs need to be shown and there is no such thing as non-acholic beverages at this place. Niall orders us drinks and I look around. I've gotten used to the volume of the music, and the sweat on the people is noticeable, along with the people on the poles on the other side of the room with the fog. Niall hands me a drink and I take a sip of the light pink frosty liquid. 

It was sweet, nothing like I have tasted before. I drank more the drink as me and Niall sat a table waiting for Zayn and Katy while making new friends, that were clearly drunk.


Katy's POV:

The place we enter is packed full with people, and its extremely hot. I recognize Kiera's long brown hair and Niall's blonde hair with streaks of brown. Zayn notices too, and we walk over to the table. They already have drinks and new friends. They stop their conversation to say hello and introduce us to their new friends. I look down at Kiera and I'm relieved to see what she is wearing. Something similar of how much clothing is covering me right now. But she has the body to make it look right while I'm still lacking confidence in a regular skirt. 

Zayn soon comes back with a drink for me, it's yellow with swirls and dashes of red and orange. I bring it up to my lips and take a sip. Its tart but like its addictive. I drink more of it, feeling more relaxed and comfortable as the slush type drink needs a refill. 


Karina's POV:

Well that was nice. Liam's singing blew me away. I never knew he had a voice like that- so soft, beautiful, angelic. Adding to that the kiss we shared gave me goosebumps down my body with a shiver running through my body. 

I've kissed guys before but never had this feeling. You never want to let go, be stuck in the moment forever. 

I'm in his lap with his hands on my waist. I smile at him, earning a smile back. We're wedged in between some rocks so I lean back, being caught by a rock and Liam's hand. 

"So what should we do now?" I ask looking into his almost black eyes. Its like they couldn't get darker. Seeming like throughout the years they've changed into this color. 

"Well, tell me about yourself." He says pulling some food out and offering me some. 

"Um, I have parents and an older sister and brother. My sister is in college and I haven't heard from my brother in years." I say eating some chips. "What about you?" I ask after chewing the crunchy cheese flavored chip. He tells me about his childhood and family. I feel bad for himself as a kid. I mean the bullying he went through at school, must have been torture. 

"And last year, I tried out for a singing show, I made it and came in second place. I haven't really sang since, but I do for people I care about." I nod taking in the information then realize what he said. He cares for me?

"Wait you care for me? I thought I was just some girl in your science class that is currently on a date with someone good looking." I slip in 

"You might just be some girl to another person, but to me I mean from science class, I'd like to care for my girlfriend....if thats okay with you." He says looking up at the sky.

"I think I'm fine holding that title." I say smiling. He looks down at me and smiles, and I kiss him on the cheek and reposition myself to be next to him looking at the stars. This is kinda like the movies. But it feels more important than just watching the actors' emotions on the screen. 

His hand fully wraps around mine, encasing it in his. Liam was taller and bigger than me. His height towering over me. Legs longer, including arms. I'm not sure if I hugged him my arms would even touch if I hugged him by the waist. 

"There so beautiful, like you." He whispers out loud. I feel some heat rushing to my cheeks. No one has been like this to me. Especially my old boyfriend. Wait. Liam Payne is my boyfriend. 


Katy's POV:

Once we finished our drinks, me and Zayn went dancing at the same club. The music wasn't so good, so he guided me out of that and said our goodbyes to the group. 

"You look so good tonight." Zayn whispers in my ear his voice dropping lower. I don't say anything back but get closer to him as a group of guys our age are looking at us, or me. He doesn't notice but his grip just gets tighter around me. We pass the group of guys, but earning whistles. I desperately hope that there is a good looking girls behind us, but the image my eyes give, proves me wrong. Zayn defiantly notices pulling me on the other side of him away from them. 

We keep walking and make our way over to a different club that doesn't look as busy. Wrong. This place is even more full than the other one. People are basically on top of each other near the dancing floor. Guys and their girls making out at the bar and waitresses showing off basically everything that they have got to offer. I've learned that in the past half hour I don't really like The Roof. 

"I'll be back. Stay here." Zayn yells over the booming music. I nod and he walks away, letting me explore my temporary time out. 

"Hey long time no see babe. Whats going on?" I recognize the boy's voice and turn around seeing the group of disgusting males that we "encountered" earlier. I turn away but my chin is pulled back by their hands so I'm looking at them. I struggle to turn my head to look for Zayn. Any chance of him. Where is he?

"Lets go dance." One of them say grabbing my arm and lurching me forward causing me to lose balance and fall onto him. He drags me to the dance floor. This night couldn't get any worse. I look back to wear my last appearance was to Zayn, and the group is gone. I'm alone, with this guy, in a place where I have no clue is. 

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