"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


64. Chapter 62

Katy's POV:

I look up to see my new boyfriend with his eyes filled with boredness. I lean up and kiss him on the cheek, having his head look down at me in confusion. 

"Zayn, I can tell you don't want to watch this, but thank you for watching it with me." I say answering his mind question. A breathly laugh comes out of his mouth and he drops his mouth to my ear. 

"Anything for you....even this movie about things that don't exist." He says with sarcasism in his voice. I smile and lean my head on his shoulder as his arm wraps around my shoulders. I hear something in the background but not from the movie. I shake it off, but the sound repeats. 

It stops and I hear quiet footsteps. 

"Zayn I think someone is in the house" I barely whisper to him. He looks down at me, then back and he hears the sound too. His arm goes back to him and he throws the blanket off of him. 

"Stay here." He breathes at me. He walks away quietly. I hear his voice in the background and it causes me to get off the couch and leave the movie to keep playing. 

"Okay, I think thats cool. Well I guess. But I'm not going if she's not." His familiar voice clearer. Who? And where is he going?

I hear his feet pad across the floor towards where I am.

"Are you leaving?" I blurt out. He stops not knowing I was there. 

"We were. I mean if you wanted to. You wanna meet some people down in The Roof?" He asks. I've never been there....The Roof. I was always to scared to go. There is a good and bad part of that place that held eating places, clubs, and stores. I give him a nod and something quickly comes to his mind. 

"Just give me a second." He says walking away.  

Kiera's POV:

Me and Niall, decide to invite Zayn and his friends down into this place Niall keeps talking about. It sounds fun and cool, and better than the ice rink so I'm up for it. I stop by my house to quickly change and I guess Zayn thought I was a stranger or something due to his actions and quietness. I invite him and he steps away to ask some girl thats here. My stomach is kind of twisted knowing what he told me earlier about him and girls "hanging out." He walks back into the room and looks like he needs something. 

"Okay, she said ya. But can she borrow something of yours? Please, she's not exactly dressed for this place?" He asks putting on a innocent face. I laugh at him and answer him back.

"Zayn, first of all I don't know this girl and what kind of place is this?" I ask with my mind wondering what kind of place this 'The Roof' is. 

"Its kind of um, like just dress like your going to a club or at least give her those clothes if you actually own them." I put on a offended face and roll my eyes. 

"Go get her" I say looking around the room as he disappears. He returns with someone famliliar next to him. My jaw drops at the realization of this girl. Katy. I never would have thought that they would be together. He pushes her towards me and I just start to walk up the stairs to my room. I hear behind me and then I dig into my closet trying to find anything for this place.

"So you and Zayn?" I say with no emotion. I have nothing against her but I guess I just can't see them together. My opinion getting in the middle of their happiness...or whatever they are feeling. 

"Ya, well were sort of dating so ya." She says shyly. 

"Thats cool. So here are some clothes, that might fit you." I toss them to her and she grabs them of the bed.

"Thanks. Um just wondering. Why are you living with Zayn?" I almost crack up laughing but I keep myslef together as I stand up and walk towards her with my clothes in my hand. 

"I'm his sister. And the bathroom is down the hall." 


Katy's POV:

I wasn't expecting that. Or the rudeness of my question. She tells me where the bathroom is and I leave thinking about her answer. I cna see it now. They kinda look like each other. I lock the bathroom door and change into the clothes she gave me along with some heels. I look in the mirror and I've never seen myself wearing something like this. A cropped black strapless shirt with some jewels on them, shiny slick pants and velvet heels. I unlock the door and feel nauseus about my self image.


On second thought I might not want to go. I carefully walk down the stairs having barely any practice with heels ever before. I grip the railing so tight my fingers turn white and when I get to the bottom I'm relieved. I see Zayn sitting on a chair, on his phone and I approach him slowly watching my feet. He changed and is in a black pants, a white t shirt and a dark worn out leather jacket. He noitices me and his jaw drops. Is that a good thing?

"Um wow Katy you look amazing, beyond amazing. Um.... uh Kiera and Niall are meeting us there." He says his fingers combing through his hair as he gets up. I grab my phone and his hand as he leads me to his car. He helps me into his car and we drive away and down the street to this mystery place to me. 


A/N: I know I know this chapter is bad. I'll try to update later today but I'm not sure since I'm gonna be busy. Love you guys. Does the couples in this book need official couple names? 


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