"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


60. Chapter 60

Kiera's POV:

My eyes open to the sharp strands of light of fighting through the curtains. I push myself up and sit up brushing the pieces of hair out of my face. I look to my right and see Niall. Holy Shit. Niall is next to me, and we are in his room; in his bed. I urgently rip the covers on and I'm relieved to find my pants still on. My shoes are by the door and his shirt is on the floor. My eyes wander over and his pants are on too. I release a big breathe not remembering anything that happened last night. 

I look at the clock and I jump out of the bed. 

"Niall!" I say waking him up. 

"Whatt" He groaned obviously waking up. 

"We are going to be late for school. Common!" I say grabbing his hand and trying to drag him out of bed. I hear him laugh and he moves, pushing the covers over him so he can get up. 

"By the way you're beautiful when you sleep and when you're awake" I feel heat coming to my cheeks. I pick up my shoes and slip in them.

"Hey Niall, can you drop me off at my house so I can get some fresh clothes?" I say scratching my head.

"Kiera, you can wear my clothes." He says smiling at me. 

"Niall, as much as I would love to; if I go to school with your clothes on somebody's gonna notice. Eleanor" I say thinking about his idea. 

"You know we don't have to go to school today." He says winking at me.

"Niall, stop. I need to. I already skipped 2 weeks and lets do something tonight?" I say walking towards him. 

"Deal" He whispers against my face. He kisses me and he tries to grab my hips to make it more passionate but I pull away.

"Common!" I say running away from him. I run out and down the hall but soon hear his feet behind me.

"Your gonna get it!" I hear him yell behind me. He catches up to me and takes me into his embrace, us falling to the fall and him tickling me.

"Niall!" I scream in "pain". He finally stops and I grab his car keys and he follows me out this time getting in the passenger seat. I start the car and he gives me a funny look since the way we are seated. I give him a funny face back and he grabs my hand leaving my other hand on the wheel. 

"Stay here please. Don't follow me in, I'll be out in 5 minutes. I say pushing Niall away form him kissing me. He groans and I get out of the car walking up to my door. I open it and walk through the house running up the stairs and grabbing jeans, my flannel shirt and a crop top. I change into my jeans tripping over some stuff and slip my crop top on. I grab my school bag and run out the door with my other shirt in hand. 

I get in the car and Niall switched seats leaving me in my regular one. I huff and pull down the mirror attached to the roof and try to fix my flimsy pin straight hair. Of course it doesn't work, falling back to its regular hair do. 

I dig in my bag to find some mascara and carefully apply it. It feels weird with Niall watching me periodically. I apply some light pink lip gloss and push up the mirror and lean back from my tiredness. 

"You can't wear that shirt." Niall says looking my in the eye pointing to my cropped shirt. It's not bad since the hight of my jeans basically cover my stomach.

"Why not?" I say bickering back at him. 

"Cause you'll attract to many guys. Trust me, I know they see you, look at you."

My stomach twists in pain, I never really thought about that. It never bothered me until Niall told me that. 

"Your mine, not theres." He says breaking my thoughts.

"So you think I'm going to cheat on you or something?" I ask looking at him, while the car stops.

He doesn't answer, only looks away. 

"Niall, you have to trust me. I won't. I l-llove you-u." I say spitting the words out of my mouth. I don't regret them but I don't obsess over them. He looks at me and his face expression changes .He grabs my hand and kisses the top of it.

"I love you to baby girl. But please put that jacket on." He say smiling at me. 

"Its too cold just to wear this. Thats why I brought it." I say picking it off the car floor. 

Minutes later we are at the school and I get out of the car pulling the long sleeve flannel up my arms. 

I grab my bag, and walk around the car. Niall comes over to my side and wraps his arm around my waist. I'm lightly tugged to his side, but it doesn't bother me. He kisses the side of my head and we walk in going to our first class. World History. 

Zayn's POV:

Last night was amazing. Katy left hours later of us talking and watching tv... and somewhat kissing. We both have World History in the morning but I told her I would pick her up.... even though I don't have a car. I sneak my mum's car keys in my back pocket and quietly walk through the house, opening the door and hopping in her car. 

I look at the address she gave me last night and pull up to a house thats big and decorative. 

I jog up to her door and knock stepping away once I was done. The big door opens to reveal a small beautiful girl. 

"Hi" She chirps after I hug her. 

"So you ready for  today?" I ask taking her small but perfect sized hand in mine. 

"Ehh, like any other day, but I guess better cause your in my class." She says smiling. No body has really cared or liked me this way. It was new for me. I had truly wanted to see someone or get to know them from when she left. 

I help her get into the massive car, then pull myself into it. I back out and I have a different idea then going to school. The car ride is filled with laughter, smiles and loud music. 

"Zayn what are we doing here?" She asks as I pull into the house driveway.

"I thought we could paint or something." I say hoping she's okay with it. 

"Really?" Her face lights up and I get the feeling she's good with the idea. I nod and a second thought comes to her mind.

"What if my parents find out I ditched. I think I would get grounded." She says playing with her fingers. 

"Blame me then, now common lets go." I say helping her get out of the car once more. I slip mum's keys back in there place and open the garage, letting all the paint splattered walls light up from the outside 

I grab her hand and tak her inside. She immediately sits down and gets a spray can laying around. I go to the opposite side and start "vandalizing" the empty space. 



Its now 2 o clock, we've been here for about 6 hours starting and finishing new projects. Her shirt has paint all over it and my pants have paint near the bottom. Theres an empty box of pizza in front of us. I'm leaning against a large crate with her head on my stomach/lap. Her hair is spread out, some touching the ground. She's fiddling with my fingers and laughing at the stories that are going back between us. 

School is just about to let out and I need to tell her. Katy grabs her phone and dials a number quickly pulling it up to her ear.

"Hey mum, so I'm going to go the library. I'll have a friend drop me off at the house by like 11?" I hear loud talking, but the words are all jumbled together. 

"Great, thanks. See you later." She says hanging up shortly after. 

"You're leaving?" I ask looking down at her. 

"No. I was hoping to stay here with you. I mean if thats okay." She says looking back at me. 

"Oh yea, thats totally cool. Although it might get boring here." I say looking up and around. 

"Considering what we did for an entire day, I think I won't get bored." She says looking at the designs on the walls. I laugh and stroke her hair back. 

Her eyes slowly close, and I love watching her sleep. Peaceful sleeping and awake. 


Liam's POV:

Me and Karina are going out tomorrow. Friday. I have 1 day to plan something "magical", as everyone says. Although I don't have a clue what goes on during these dates. I see Kiera and Niall walking in the halls and I call her out.

"Kiera!" Her head turns me direction and she smiles at me. I walk up to her and Niall just stares at me. 

"Hey can I talk to you for a minute?" I ask. I see Niall's hand tighten on her waist, and her expression changes a tiny bit. 

"Yea...sure" she says  trying to pry herself from his grip.

"Niall, nothing is going to happen. Just wait here please." She says holding his hand. He kisses her cheek, still looking at me and I think he thinks I'm going to ask her out or something. We go to the side, and she shoves her hand in her jean pockets. 

"Whats up Liam?" She asks looking at me. 

"Well, I have this date tomorrow and since your like the most forward in your relationship at school that I see, well I was wondering what i should do for it. I mean I've never actually been on one." I say looking down, embarrassed. 

"Oh ya, no problem. Well make sure you think the person would like this. Dress nicely but not to nicely. Be yourself. Oh and don't make it too fancy, that you'll be broke or something. You wanna save some money for your next date, if it goes well." She says I mentally take in the things she is telling me. 

"Oh my god! Liam, you should sing to her!!" She says her face barely holding her excitement for me. 

"You really think so? You think she's like it?"

"Um yes! Like every girl loves being sung too." She says reassuring. 

"Thanks so much Kiera, it means a lot."

"No problem, whatever you need. Well bye." She says walking back to Niall. He wraps his arm around her waist and looks at me. He turns his attention back to her and keeps walking. 

Sing to her. What song though?


Kiera's POV:

"Niall, calm down. Nothings wrong. He was just asking me something." I say looking at Niall. I saw the looks he gave Liam, and they would make tense and nervous too.

"What were the questions?" He says asking me. 

"He's going on a date and he asked me what he should do." I say reassuring him. School has gone by very quickly and he guides me to his car. 

"So where are we going now?" I ask buckling myself into the car. 

"Thats for you to find out." He says kissing my cheek. 

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