"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


6. Chapter 6

Kiera's POV:
When I come back to the group Zayn's now here, and I'm done with him. But there's something to him, that makes him look familiar, its about his eyes. I shake the thought out of my head and I just talk and get to know everybody better. Nate whispers something into Georgia's ear and she laughs and nods. He gets up and kneels next to me. like he is going to talk.

 Just out of nowhere his rapid movements surprise me and I'm lifted off the stands and his arms, about to dangle off of the railing and fall into the pool. I scream as loud as I can and wrap my arms around his neck pulling him in if he throws me. 

He releases me, by pushing me away from him, and I'm suspended in the air for what seems like forever until my body slams into the water, sinking. I move my body and flail my arms in the water doing whatever I can to keep myself up. I hear my name yelled from the surface and see a figure dive in and swim next to me. Their arms snake around mine, and I feel dizzy. I'm yanked to the air and hoisted up by someone else. A towel covers me, and brings me into their arms, as I shiver. I pull my head away from their embrace, and see a soaking wet Niall punching Nate in the nose. I immediately see blood on the pool deck, and his nose his most likely broken. Georgia is laughing her head off with the other cheerleaders, while I see Harry, Liam, Zayn and Eleanor take in the scene. 

Louis rubs my back, and I feel numb. The pool was ice cold. I stay in Louis grasp as Niall's face changes when he sees Louis holding me. He looks sad, angry, and jealous. He picks up my bag and walks over to me. 

Georgia is now helping Nate and throwing towels at him, to stop the bleeding. She is somewhat shrieking being overwhelmed by the tiny drop of blood that got on her shoe. 

"Here I'll take Kiera to the font office." Niall says to Louis. Louis looks down for my approval and I nod. He lets go of me and hug him. Really this time. He's shocked, but then hugs me back. I whisper thanks, but I'm not sure if he heard me since I only go to his chest. 

"Not problem" He says into my ear, and I pull away walking towards Niall who is waiting at the door. I walk out and he stays close to me, I look back and see that Zayn is no longer there, and Louis is looking at me. Niall sees him looking at me, and grabs my hand and laces his fingers  with mine. I look down, surprised by his action, but I don't budge. He leads me to the front office, and once again I see the short, stubby Mrs. Smith. 

Her jaw drops and Niall talks to her. They talk for about a minute and then I hear him end the conversation.

"Its alright Mrs. Smith, no need to call anyone. I'll drive her home and make sure she's okay. Then I'll come back to collect some stuff for her." He kinda sounds demanding but she gives in. She seems like she's afraid of every student here, even me. We walk out the front office and I have a feeling I'll be there many more times. 

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